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Environmental Health Services 

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The mission of the Environmental Health Division is to prevent disease and promote healthy environments in the City of Alexandria. It does this through its various programs, including the  FoodPool, Vector, Hotel, and Water programs.


Food Safety Program

Picture of saladThis program permits and inspects various food service establishments in the City of Alexandria. It also is responsible for providing educational resources to promote safe food handling practices to both the general public and local businesses. Visit for more information. 

Get a Permit  |  Understanding Inspections  |  Manager Cards  |  Employee Health  |  Resources  |  Power Outage 


Aquatic Health & Safety Program

Picture of pool This program permits and inspects various pools, water parks, or play fountains in the City of Alexandria. Visit for more information. 

Get a Permit  |  Understanding Inspections  |  Pool Operators  |  Management Companies  |  Resources


Vector-Borne Illness Prevention Program

Picture of Mosquito The Vector-Borne Illness Prevention program, or Vector Program, works to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria that use insects and animals (or vectors) to spread. The Vector program deals mainly with the surveillance, prevention and control of mosquitoes and responding to potential rabies exposures.

Animal Bites  |   Mosquitoes  |  Rabies  |  Ticks  |  Bed Bugs  |   West Nile


Hotel Sanitation Programs

Picture of Hotel Room This program permits and inspects various hotels, motels, hostels, and bed & breakfasts in the City of Alexandria.

Get a Permit  |  Resources  |  Bed Bugs


Water Quality Programs

Picture of Drinking Water The City of Alexandria's water is regulated by many different federal, state, and local offices. Our office issues well permits, and will conduct inspections of wells and marinas. To learn more about other water quality issues in the city, contact the Department of Transportation and Environmental Services (, Office of Environmental Quality ( or the Alexandria Sanitation Authority. 

Private Wells  /   Marinas  /   Fairfax Water  /   American Water 


Permits & Plan Reviews

EH issues permits or licenses for a variety of different facility types. Each type of permit or license may have different requirements. Visit our permit page at for an overview of the different types and processes.

Permit Types  /   Plan Reviews  /   Get a Permit  /   Fees  /   Forms  /   Code & Regulations


Concerns & Complaints

Have a complaint about a food establishment, pool or hotel? Too many mosquitoes while you are walking your dog? Need a tick identified? Call us at 703.746.4910 to report the issue. For more information about what information we need, visit For complaints about trash or rats not at a food, pool or hotel establishment, contact the City's Rodent Control Program at  can help. 


Inspections & Evaluations

You can see recent food safety inspections for restaurants, groceries and mobile food vendors (food trucks) at Other inspections can be found by using the Freedom of Information Act. Visit for more information.


About Us

Alexandria Health Department
Division of Environmental Health
4480 King Street, 3rd Floor
Alexandria, VA, 22302

Phone: 703.746.4910
Fax: 703.746.4919

Business hours are:

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.,
  • Thursday, 12:45 to 4:30 pm,
  • excluding all state holidays


The mission of the Environmental Health Division is to prevent disease and promote healthy environments for the Alexandria community by consistently providing professional, timely, and technically excellent environmental health services and by educating and empowering others to improve our city's health and environment.