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All Alexandria City Public Schools on Lock IN -- Updated 9/16/2014 1:32:01 PM
Alexandria Police report that Maury Elementary School has been locked down for a report of a person brandishing a weapon. No one injured; police are circulating the area and a helicopter is assisting with the search. All Alexandria City Public Schools are now on "lock-in.”Read More...
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Transit Services 

The increase in traffic in our area impedes the movement of people and goods in our city. The pollution created by traffic destroys the air we breathe. The City of Alexandria is working to reduce the congestion generated by single occupancy vehicles, improve mobility throughout the city and protect our environment. To accomplish this, the City's Transit Services Division, located in room 3200 in City Hall, coordinates Metrobus and Metrorail service, the Alexandria DASH bus service, DOT paratransit for the mobility impaired, ridesharing to promote the formation of car and vanpools, the Virginia Railway Express commuter rail, bus stop amenities, and other programs designed to increase the use of alternatives to the single occupant vehicle and to protect the environment. The Transit Services Division also coordinates with the Department of Transportation and Environmental Services' Transportation Planning Division to improve mobility throughout the City.

What's New? 

DASH Study to Identify Recommendations for Improvements (DASH Comprehensive Operations Analysis) 
The City, in partnership with Alexandria Transit Company (ATC), recently began a Comprehensive Operations Analysis (COA) of the DASH transit system to identify service improvements and route expansion that will increase connectivity and accessibility and improve the quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of the DASH fixed route transit system. 

DASH COA Public Meetings 

The project consultant, Transportation Management and Design (TMD), will be providing a presentation on the recommendations for the DASH COA at  the ATC Board of Directors Meeting on April 3, 2014. The meeting will be held at Alexandria City Hall, 301 King Street, Room 1101 (Sister Cities) at 5:30 p.m.  The presentation can be found here.

A public hearing will be held for the recommendations as well as the proposed ATC FY 2015 Transit Development Plan at the ATC Board of Directors meeting on May 8, 2014. The meeting will be held at Alexandria City Hall, 301 King Street, Room 1101 (Sister Cities) at 6:00 p.m.


 More information on the project, the survey, schedule and public meetings can be found by clicking HERE  

   dark sqr   Local Motion Program 

The City of Alexandria’s Local Motion program promotes and encourages public transit, ridesharing, bicycling, and walking as money and time saving alternatives that discourage driving alone, reduce automobile dependence, increase mobility and improve air quality.

   dark sqr  Bus Stop Accessibility and Amenities Program 

Facilities are provided at transit stops to help make transit more comfortable and convenient to customers, thereby encourging usage.Bus stop improvements include: Installing Concrete Loading Pads / Accessible Bus Stops, Installing Bus Stop Benches and Installing Bus Shelters.

   dark sqr  DOT Paratransit Program 

DOT is the City of Alexandria's specialized transportation service for residents of the City of Alexandria and visitors who cannot use regular transit buses or rail due to their disability.Trips are provided by taxicabs and wheelchair accessible vans.

   dark sqr  King Street Trolley 

The Free King Street Trolley transports riders between the King Street metrorail Station and the Potomac River waterfront. The trolley runs daily from 11:30 a.m. to 10:15 p.m. every 15 minutes.

   dark sqr  King Street Station Access Improvement Study  

The purpose of the King Street Station Access Improvement Study is to find way to improve safety and access for pedestrians, transit vehicles and othere at the King Streeet Metro Station.

   dark sqr  Local Motion Program  

The Local Motion Program promotes and encourages public transit, ridesharing, bicycling, and walking as money and time saving alternatives that discourage driving alone, reduce automobile dependence, increase mobility and improve air quality within the City of Alexandria.

   dark sqr  Transit Service Information 

Transit Information for safe, convenient and reliable commuter services that can be used throughout the region: Bus Services, Rail Services and Commuter Resources.

   dark sqr  Transitway Corridor Feasibility Study  

The Transitway Corridor Feasibility Study, now complete, was conducted by the City of Alexandria for the purpose of investigatin the feasibility of implementing dedicated corridor transit service in the city in three corridors-North-South, Duke Street, and Van Dorn/Beauregard. The Transitway Corridor Feasibility Study builds on the 2008 City Council adopted Transportation Master Plan.   

   dark sqr  Old Town Transit Shop 

The Old Town Transit Shop is your connection for Passes, Tokens, SmarTrip cards, schedule and transit information for all bus, rail, and train service to the Washington Metro area.

   dark sqr  Transportation Management Plans 

Transportation Management Plans (TMPs) are part of the City of Alexandria Zoning Ordinance. The ordinance requires that projects of a certain size submit a special use permit application which must include a traffic impact analysis and a transportation management plan.A TMP fund is established to finance the transportation strategies to induce people to use modes other than the single occupancy vehicle.







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