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Strategic Planning Process: Goal 7

There are several very important projects that have been initiated in City of Alexandria whose completion ...more

Ellen Stanton (73) User - 12/10/09 7:14 PM

The strategic goals seem poorly structured and difficult to understand in terms of setting goals and ...more

David Cavanaugh (71) User - 12/08/09 7:37 PM

I commented (sent in comment) that Goals 1 Economic Development and Goal 7 Affordable Housing and Diverse ...more

James Hoben, Co-chair of Housing Action (42) User - 12/03/09 9:25 AM

I serve on the Economic Opportunities Commission. As a commission, we would ask the City to re-dedicate ...more

bryan porter (43) User - 10/30/09 1:24 PM

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Alexandria Is a Caring Community That is Affordable and Diverse With a Rich History and Culture.

Caring & Diverse Community Workgroup

  • Council Members: Del Pepper & Alicia Hughes
  • Lead Staff: Debra Collins

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