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Page updated Nov 2, 2015 2:57 PM

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Services Available

The Alexandria Law Library offers the following services: Reference Assistance, Forms for Divorce, Separation and Name Changes, Westlaw/Westdoc, Internet Research, Photocopying, Fax, Tours, Conference Room, Floppy Disk Sales, Fee Schedule.

Reference Assistance

A professional law librarian is available during regular hours to assist users in locating materials.  However, the library staff is prohibited from giving legal advice and cannot recommend or endorse the use of any particular form or render any legal advice concerning the completion of forms.  Please read our Policy for Information Service to the Public as well as Virginia Unauthorized Practice of Law Opinions 73127152 and 161.

Information Packets for Divorce, Expungement & Name Change

The library provides an information packet that contains sample forms for use in uncontested divorce cases.  The packet includes samples of the Complaint, Final Decree, Order of Publication, etc.  Use the samples in the packet as a guide to help you draft your own documents from scratch.  It costs $15.00 in person and $20.00 by mail. 

If you are unable to create the documents yourself and need the assistance of a lawyer, the librarian can give you information about the Alexandria Bar Association's Lawyer Referral Service and Legal Services of Northern Virginia. Additionally, there are several directories in the library's collection to help you select a lawyer.

The library provides fill-in-the-blank forms for name change.  The information packet includes the Petition and Order and costs $5.00 ($10.00 by mail). 

Additionally, the library provides an information packet that contains sample forms for use in obtaining the expungement of a criminal charge. Use the samples in the packet as a guide to create your own documents from scratch. It costs $5.00 in person and $10.00 by mail.

Information packets may be purchased in the library (cash or credit card only) at the following times (excluding holidays):

  • Monday - Friday between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m.

If visiting the library is inconvenient, we will mail your packet for an additional $5.00 fee (money orders only).  Packets will be mailed the day following payment. Send money orders, payable to the Alexandria Law Library, to:

Alexandria Law Library
Ste. LL34
520 King St.
Alexandria, VA 22314

Include a note that says what you're buying and where you'd like it sent.  Please include your telephone number.

Free Westlaw, LexisNexis, Internet and Wi-Fi

Our users now have free access to Westlaw at two workstations and LexisNexis at another.  Our Westlaw subscription includes nationwide coverage of state and federal cases, statutes and rules, as well as law journals, CJS, AmJur, CFR, ALR, the Restatements, Form Finder, KeyCite, and some treatises. LexisNexis is limited to Virginia cases, journals, codes and rules but offers Shepard's and the ability to email your results.

The fourth workstation provides Internet access to the Alexandria Code, Fastcase and other Internet-based databases.  This workstation is for the sole purpose of legal research and may not be used for email. (Bring your own notebook computer for that and enjoy our free Wi-Fi without time restrictions.)

Search time is free, but limited to 15 minutes if others are waiting. Printing is $0.25 per page.


The library has a self-service photocopier with a vending station that accepts bills and coins.  Copies are $0.25 per page.  The librarian is usually available to make change.


With advance notice, library staff will give any user a tour of the facilities and available resources.

CD-ROM and Word Processing Stations

Many of our publications are accompanied by a CD-ROM, usually containing forms. The library pre-loads these CD-ROMs to a dedicated computer (located in carrel one) and you may copy the material to your own medium, such as a thumb drive, for later editing. We also have a computer dedicated to word processing (Word and WordPerfect) located in carrel two. 

There is no charge to use these resources but usage is limited to 15 minutes for word processing and 15 minutes if others are waiting at the CD-ROM workstation.  Printing is $0.25 per page.