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Page updated Oct 22, 2014 11:22 AM

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Where To Go for Help



  • Citywide Gang Prevention & Intervention efforts, help, mentoring and volunteer opportunities: Mike Mackey at 703-746-4496, or 703-746-4144 or email 
  • Alexandria Mentoring Partnership: 703-746-4475 or 703-746-4144 or email 
  • For referrals to Intervention Prevention Education Outreach Program, which help gang-involved or at-risk individuals or groups, contact Mike Mackey at 703-746-4496 or 703-746-4144 or email
  • To find out about school programs and services, call:
    Alexandria City Public Schools Information 703-824-6600 or speak with school staff
  • To report child abuse or neglect, call:
    703-746-5800 or 1-800-552-7096 or to find out information about family social services (child care, food stamps, housing), call: 703-746-4900
  • To confidentially report any crime (non-emergency), domestic violence or other suspicious activities, call: 703-838-4444 (Alexandria Police). To report graffiti, call 703-838-4444 or submit a complaint online. In cases of Emergency, call 911.
  • Protective orders in domestic assault matters and juvenile probation, contact Court Service Unit, (703)-746-4144
  • To get information on public counseling, advocacy and support services:
    Mental health and substance abuse services: 703-746-3400
    Domestic violence hotline and shelter: 703-746-4911
    Victim Witness Assistance Program: 703-746-4100
    Sexual Assault Hotline: 703-683-7273; Teen Text Message Line: 703-717-TEEN (8336)
  • For Emergency Mental Health Services call 703-746-3401
  • For information on city services, including specific services for culturally and linguistically diverse residents, please call the Office of Communications and Public Information Division of Community Affairs- 703-746-4800
  • To get information on recreation/art enrichment programs and parks throughout the City, call: 703-746-4343/4344
    Teen Information and Referral line provides information on City and Community youth programs and services at 703-746-0990.
  • For Before and After school programs such as Head Start, call The Campagna Center at 703-549-0111
  • For parenting programs, call: SCAN at 703-820-9001
  • Healthy Families and Northern Virginia Family Services for new baby family support programs, call 703-370-3223
  • Teen Pregnancy - Health Department: 703-746-4400 & Alexandria Campaign on Adolescent Pregnancy: (ACAP) 703-746-5030.
  • To get information on job referrals and training, call: JobLink at 703-746-5990
  • To get information on health services, call: Health Department at 703-746-4400; Arlandria Clinic at 703-535-5568; Casey Clinic at 703-519-5979; Teen Wellness Center at 703-746-4776
  • For local resources available in the City, please click here. For resources available in the Northern Virginia area, please visit the Northern Virginia Regional Commission. 

For more information on programs, services and resources, call Mike Mackey, Gang Prevention & Intervention Coordinator at 703-746-4496 or 746-4144 or email

**Please note some phone numbers may change over time.  Please call Mike Mackey if you need assistance.

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