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City of Alexandria, VA City of Alexandria, VA
Community & Human Services
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Page updated Apr 15, 2014 2:40 PM

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April 2014 CIT

CIT Graduation April 2014 

September 2013 CIT

CIT Graduation September 2013 



Seated Left to Right:  Cathy Gary APD, Ericka Flournoy DEC, Lenora Murphy ASO, Zubin Byramjee State Probation, Bennie Evans APD, Amanda Deptula APD, Amy Stephens AFD.

Standing Left to RightKevin Jobe APD, Brian Hricik AFD, Lisa Stapleton State Probation, Jonathan Teumer DCHS, JoAnne Munroe DEC, Andrew Snead AFD, Roy Bliss APD, Jason Cage AFD, Clarke  Stearns ASO, Liz Wixson DCHS, John Rule AFD, Keith Crane ASO, Devon Neckles ASO, Marybeth Plaskus ASO, Mark Aiesi APD, Tonia Copeland APD, Courtney Ballantine APD, Jordan Young APD, Danny Webb APD, Michelle Albert DCHS, Dwayne Kennedy Local Probation, James Woody State Probation, David Huchler APD.     

June 2013 CIT

CIT Graduation June 2013 

From Left to right 

Deputy Chief David Huchler, Chief Deputy Clark Stearns, Liz Wixson DCHS Director of Clinical and Emergency Services, Assistant Fire Chief Andrew Snead, Cherelle Carmichael  Probation and Parole, Cherye Echane Sheriff’s Office, Andrea Hancock Sheriff’s Office, Deputy Joseph Runquist, Officer Rickey Williamson, Deputy Ricky Traynham, Officer Jonetta Hamilton, Deputy Quentin Wade, Officer Nicolette Clara, Officer Micah Pasquarell, Sergeant Courtney Ballantine, Fiona Apple Alexandria Fire and EMS, Officer Eric Mouyal, Charlie Curia Alexandria Fire and EMS, Beverly Randall, Officer Jill Lingle, Jonathan Teumer 


February 2013 CIT 


CIT Graduation 2.8.13 


From Left to Right Back Row: Sergeant Courtney Ballantine, Jon Teumer, Chief Earl Cook, Captain Shahram Fard, Paramedic David Fox, Officer Willie Moses, Code Administration Philip Pugh, Officer William Rutz, Paramedic Cathy Kroohs, Deputy Roy Hopson Paramedic Richard Myers.

From Left to Right Front Row: Sheriff Dana Lawhorne, Probation and Parole Lisa Stapleton, Deputy Myrna Juarez, Deputy Earlene Pierre, Probation and Parole Lawanda Crum, Officer Maruelsi Alvarez-Campos, Code Administration Donna Dailey, Dr. Cortnee Webb.

December 2012 CIT 

CIT Graduation Dec. 2012 

Standing Left to Right:  Undersheriff Tony Davis, Jon Teumer, Officer Matt O’Malley, Officer Michael Joyce, Sergeant Bart Bailey, Lori Kaplan, Officer Ed Dougherty, Latanya Ervin, SPO Robert McMullen, Deputy Ceaena Lewis, Desha Hall-Winstead, Officer William Taylor, EMS Supervisor Ray Whatley, Liz Wixson, Chief Earl Cook

September 2012 CIT 

 CIT Graduation 9-27 

Standing Left to Right: Jon Teumer, Courtney Ballantine, Chief Andrew Snead, Deputy Dawn Jefferies, Wes Hedrick; Probation and Parole, Deputy Angel French, Officer Carlos Rolon, Jennifer Male; Probation and Parole, Susan Clay; Social Worker, Sergeant Charlette Mitchell-Young, Officer Loren West, Liz Wixson, Officer Patrick McGee, Lonnie Philips EMS, D/C Blaine Corle, Michael Gerber EMS, Officer Lee Houston, Deputy Sandra Ubiera, Sheriff Dana Lawhorne


June 2012 CIT 

CIT June 2012 Image 


March 2012 CIT 

CIT March 2012 

Standing Left to Right: Deputy Michael Cole, Jon Teumer, EMS Supervisor Bryan Meckes, EMS Supervisor Mike Cahill, Deputy Kevin Brown, Officer Ford Rhee, Lieutenant John Mark Bergin, Captain Frank Milano, Deputy Chief Blaine Corle, Officer Frank Powers, Director of Clinical and Emergency Services Liz Wixson, Officer Diana Barrett, Officer Bennie Evans, Deputy Todd Stubblefield, Officer Ryan Clinch (Pink Shirt), Officer Joe Samluk Probation and Parole, Officer Pierre Hill (obscured) Officer Dan Schultz, Sergeant Courtney Ballantine, Officer Doug Serven II, Officer Daniel Canniff

Seated Left to Right: Deputy Raymond Veney, Lieutenant Shirl Mammarella, Deputy Marvia Anderson, Deputy Georgianna Howard, Officer Marcus Downey, Officer Richard Harrell


December 2011 CIT 

Dec 2011 CIT 

August 2011 CIT 

Aug 2011 CIT 

June 2011 CIT 

June 2011 CIT 

March 2011 CIT 

CIT March 2011 

Bottom Row Left to Right: Officer Mike Rossiter, Officer Darryl Ferrer, Officer Nick Esposito, Officer Jeff Huntington, Officer Joseph Kirby.  Middle Row Left to Right: Officer Cynthia Hurley, Deputy Sergeant Felicia Mensah,  Deputy Teneka King, Deputy Nora Jones, Deputy Audrey Eskridge, Cheryl Paulhus.  Back Row Left to Right:  Sergeant Courtney Ballantine, Jon Teumer, Officer Kammy Stern, Officer Mike Rodriguez, Deputy Greg Perez, Deputy Isaac Lovitt, Officer John Eliff, Proabtion and Parole Kim Settle, Officer Charlie Lloyd, Probation and Parole Chris Cahill, Director of Clinical and Emergency Services Liz Wixson, Undersheriff Tony Davis, Deputy Chief Hassan Aden.  Not Pictured: Jennifer Miller.

December 2010 CIT 

Back Row Left to Right: Sheriff Lawhorne, Chief Cook, Director of Clinical and Emergency Services Liz Wixson, Brian Grenadier (lieutenant), Bill Coates (Fire Marshal) Emanuel Chambliss (Petersburg, VA) Keith Burkholder (officer), Bob Bradley (deputy), John Javelle (Fire Marshal), Devon Neckles, Jason Coxwell (officer), Courtney Ballantine (sergeant), Jon Teumer.  Seated Left to Right: Ray Allen (communications), Mark Blackwell (officer), Linda Hentman (deputy), Teresa Smith-Ross (communications), Jennifer Simon (officer), Greg Simon (officer), Blake Harper (deputy).

October 2010 CIT 

Second row in the back left to right: Deputy Todd Stubblefield, Officer Aaron Fisher, Officer Kevin Jobe, Deputy Jeffrey Hunter, Deputy William Durham, David Ward, Officer Pierre Hill.  Front Row Left to Right: Chief Cook, Director of Clinical and Emergency Services Liz Wixson, Sheriff Lawhorne, Sergeant Bill Mayfield, Officer TR Allen, Officer Luis Segura, Officer Sarah Richmann, Officer Ulma Zepeda, Deputy Cammen Massop-Zygmunt, Lieutenant Len Fouch, Deputy Gregory Scott, Deputy William Morgan, Officer Ristan Lange

Inaugural CIT Graduation, May 2010 

CIT Inaugural Class Image 

Seated left to right: Councilman Frank Fannon, Sheriff Dana Lawhorne, Assistant City Manager Michele Evans, Assistant City Manager Debra Collins, Police Chief Earl Cook, City Manager Jim Hartmann, Director of Clinical and Emergency Services Liz Wixson, Mayor Bill Euille

Standing left to right: Sgt. Courtney Ballantine, Deputy Mike Cole, Deputy Chris O'Dell, Lt. Dennis Lambert (Dublin Police Dept), Deputy Stephen Mackey, Deputy Larry Richardson (yellow shirt), ACSB Jail Diversion Coordinator Bill Rooney, Deputy Amber Dunham, Deputy James Gwanltey, Officer Angel Roa, Officer Michael Nugent, Officer Ian Torrance, Deputy George Gray, Officer Tara May, Officer Diana Barrett, Lt. John Kapetanis, Officer Danny Ratcliffe (Pearisburg Police Dept), Officer Daniel Gordon, Officer Emil Takeuchi (hiding in back), Officer Rich Harrell, Officer Daniel Lebreton, CSB Emergency Services Supervisor Jon Teumer, Officer Steve Pagach