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NOTE:  Click on any of the highlighted economic indicator categories to view a chart of the indicator over time or click on the link above to view all economic indicator charts, including some not listed in this table.

    Change on
Previous Year
Consumer Price Index (CPI-U)
for the Washington‑Baltimore,
 (As of March 2012)
-- -- 3.2%
For the United States (As of March 2012) -- --  2.7% 
Core CPI-U (excludes food and energy) -- -- 2.3%
(As of March 2012)
(Source: Published bi-monthly by United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics)
  Current Month Prior Month Prior Year
Unemployment Rates        
Alexandria (As of February 2011)   5.0% 5.0%  4.7%
Virginia (As of February 2012)   5.7% 5.8%   6.4%
United States (As of March 2012)   8.2%  8.3%   8.8%
(Source: United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics)
  Current Quarter Prior Quarter Prior Year
Office Vacancy Rates       
  Alexandria 14.4%  13.9% 12.1%
  Northern Virginia 13.9%  13.3% 12.9%
  Washington DC Metro Area 12.2%  11.7% 11.5%
(As of 1st quarter 2012)
(Source: CoStar)
  Current Year Prior Year Change on
Previous Year
New Business Licenses  
3 month trailing average
71 60


(As of March 2012)
(Source: Finance Department)
New Commercial Construction (excluding apartment buildings) and Building Renovations
(Fiscal YTD as of February 2012) 
Number of New Building Permits       3            1 200.0%
Value of New Building Permits 
($ millions)
    $30.1          $0.3 9933.3%
(Source: Office of Code Administration)
New Multi-Family Construction (including apartment and condominium buildings)
(Fiscal YTD as of February 2012)
Number of New Building Permits    61    28 117.9%
Value of New Building Permits
($ millions)
   $123.7   $40.0 209.3%
(Source: Office of Code Administration)
Residential Real Estate Indicators
(Calendar YTD ending February 2012)
Residential Dwelling Units Sold            200             205   -2.4%
Median Residential Sales Price 
(As of January 2012)
   $466,500      $393,000   18.7%
(Source: Department of Real Estate Assessments)
3 month trailing Average
27 20      35.0%
(As of February 2012)
(Source: Department of Real Estate Assessments)