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GIS & Maps
Page updated Jul 16, 2014 12:44 PM

New Interactive Maps - Community Participation

After reporting a street light outage in an alleyway three times over the course of six months without ...more

Ryan - Lynhaven neighborhood (456) User - 7/17/14 2:35 PM

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New Interactive Maps - Community Participation

The City of Alexandria is in the early stages of updating its online system of interactive maps to be more meaningful, usable, and interactive for the community. Part of this early phase involves conducting usability testing – a technique for evaluating a product by testing it on a representative group of potential users. 

WHERE DO YOU COME IN? Your participation in a brief (20 min), hands-on exploration of these applications will help in the development of this tool, enabling us to identify and address aspects of our design that we might otherwise overlook. Additionally, feedback from the community enhances the likelihood that this tool increases user satisfaction.   

Community members will have the opportunity to participate online and in-person at various times and locations throughout the City with guidance from a staff team member (see schedule below) 

Important points to consider: 

  • All input is anonymous and, keep in mind, the testing is focused on the application and not the abilities of the participant. 
  • These applications are 'works in progress' and will evolve considerably with refinement and your help!  We believe that an important component of this project is to involve the community early in the process - doing so enables us to identify and address possible sources of confusion and errors in an application's design.  Early participation from the community ultimately adds to the sustainability of the application, therefore decreasing the potential need for costly replacements.  
  • See our draft Civic Engagement Framework and timeline as outlined in Alexandria's Handbook for Civic Engagement. | PDF file  

Interim Project Report - Comment Board Now Open through August 30th

The community is invited to comment on the Draft Project Report summarizing findings and participant feedback as of June 30th via this comment board, open now through August 30th. All feedback received will be summarized and posted on the project's website, and will ultimately inform the final version of the product.

Questions? Contact Katherine Carraway,, 703.746.3855.


 Opportunities for in-person participation:  (See Flyer) | PDF file  

Calendar Placeholder  

Opportunity for online participation:

As an alternative to in-person participation, community members may take part remotely by accessing any of the applications below - via computer, smart phone, iPad or tablet. Keep in mind that as new applications become available, this site will be updated - So check back! You are free to experiment with as many as you like.

PLEASE NOTE: Once you've completed your assessment(s), we ask that you provide us with your thoughts using the feedback form for each application. This form can be found on the "I Want to..." drop-down menu. Your feedback is a critical component in our efforts to improve this application for you and fellow residents.

  • The Parcel Viewer application provides users with a simple mapping tool to research and view real estate assessment and related information within the City of Alexandria.
  • The Planning and Development Viewer allows you to see current development projects and planning Initiatives throughout the City and display project-specific details.
  • The Document Imaging Viewer is a tool to locate, view, and print Laserfische documents that are referenced geographically. The system currently includes historical subdivision plats and special use permits (SUP) dating to the 1950s.
  • The Sewer Viewer displays the City's sanitary and storm network, allowing you to view pipe widths, flow directions, inlet, and manhole features. The information in this map is not considered complete for construction purposes.
  • Parks & Recreation Viewer (Coming soon)


NEED HELP getting started? Let us give you a few suggestions.

Questions? Contact Katherine Carraway, Planning and Zoning, 703-746-3855. 



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