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Page updated Jul 23, 2014 5:06 PM

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Retiree's Corner                                                                                                   

Update for the 2015 Retiree Open Enrollment

The FY 2015 open enrollment for non-Medicare eligible retirees was held May 9 through May 23, 2014. Insurance guides and forms are available below for your information. The left column contains information for the non-Medicare eligible retiree or spouse, and the right column provides information for the Medicare eligible retiree or spouse. Specific benefits questions can be sent to or you can contact the Benefits Team on 703.746.3785 if you need to make an appointment before arriving at Human Resources. 

New Aetna Dental Coverage, effective July 1, 2014: For the exception of Line of Duty retirees whose health and dental insurance premiums are the responsibility of the City and are 100% paid by the City, retirees are not eligible to participate in the new Aetna dental plans. The City requested that retirees be eligible to participate in the new dental plan; however, the carriers, including Aetna, who responded to the City’s RFP advised that they are simply not set up to offer City retirees individual dental plans into retirement. 

 We have learned that Aetna offers individual dental plans and if you are interested in pursuing one, please see the link that follows:

 Retiree Dominion Dental Coverage: If you elected to continue dental coverage into retirement with Dominion Dental and your individual policy is currently in place, the City’s change to Aetna dental should have no impact on your plan. Your individual policy with Dominion Dental should continue without any problem as long as you wish. 

Message regarding Kaiser Permanente cards indicating coinsurance: 


All of the ID cards recently sent to current and newly enrolled Kaiser Permanente (KP) members are wrong and should be discarded at once. Please contact KP's Customer Service Team at 301.468.6000 to request new ID cards. You will be asked to provide either your member ID number or Social Security Number. The City's KP Group Number is 4073.

Retirees who are currently enrolled in the (KP) DHMO plan and will remain enrolled in the new plan year should continue to use their existing ID cards and show them when services are rendered.

Retirees who are newly enrolled in the KP DHMO plan effective July 1, 2014 will receive new ID cards on or shortly after July 1st. The new member ID cards are to be released on Monday, June 30th and mailed directly to new members’ homes. 


Non-Medicare Eligible Retiree or Spouse   

FY2015 Open Enrollment Guide  

Medicare Eligible Retiree or Spouse  

FY2014 Open Enrollment Guide  

Open Enrollment Dates:   May 9 – May 23, 2014  

Open Enrollment Dates: November 8 – December 7, 2013  

Kaiser Permanente  

Kaiser Permanente  

Standard HMO (no deductible) plan 

KP 2014 Medicare Plus Plan A with D  

Deductible HMO (DHMO) plan 

 KP 2014 Medicare Plus (Cost) Member Handbook 


 KP 2014 Medicare Plus (Cost) Plan Provider Directory  


KP 2014 Medicare Plus EOC Group Plan A with D  


KP 2014 Dental Flyer   


KP 2014 Enhanced drug form MAS Group  


KPMAS Group/FEHB Enrollment Form 


KP 2014 Pharmacy Directory 


KP 2014 Abridged Formulary  

United Healthcare  


Choice (EPO) Plan  


Choice Plus (POS) Plan  







 Current Insurance Information:  

Kaiser Permanente 

United HealthCare  

 My Medicare  (Find Medicare and Medicaid Participating Physicians)




General Health Information Sources 

Condition-Specific and Preventive Information 

Health Screenings 

Nutrition, Physical Activity, Smoking Cessation and Safety 

Health Care 

This information is not intended as medical advice. Always check with your health care provider regarding your health care, treatment, diagnoses and before beginning an exercise program. 


The health insurance reimbursement program is available to all eligible City retirees who participate in outside health insurance plans as well as those who participate in City-sponsored health insurance plans. The purpose of the reimbursement program is to help defray the steadily rising cost of health insurance for those retirees who are not participating in a City-sponsored health insurance program. The City reserves the right to amend or terminate any provision of this program.

Retired full-time employees receiving lifetime monthly benefits from a primary City-sponsored retirement plan who were enrolled in a City health insurance plan at the time of retirement are eligible for the program. Retired police officers and firefighters participating in the defined contribution retirement income plan must have at least 20 years of City Service to be eligible. If you have any questions concerning the amount of the monthly reimbursement and how to elect participation please contact the City's Human Resources Department.


301 King St., Room 2500
Alexandria, Va 22314

FAX: 703.838.3850
TTY: 703.838.5035

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301 King St., Room 2500
Alexandria, Va 22314
FAX: 703.838.3850
TTY: 703.838.5035
VA Relay Services 711

Office Hours:
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.