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Planning & Zoning
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Page updated Mar 25, 2013 10:09 AM

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VA Paving Special Use Permit (SUP) 


Special Use Permit

The Virginia Paving Company requested an administrative minor amendment under Section 11-511 of the Zoning Ordinance to allow it to use natural gas as a fuel source for operation of the asphalt plant located at 5601 Courtney Avenue.  Virginia Paving Company specifically requested an amendment to allow natural gas as a fuel at the plant. The minor amendment request was approved by the Director of Planning and Zoning on May 12, 2010.  Click the link below to view the staff report which includes details of the request, community outreach and feedback and staff's analysis and recommendations.

SUP Minor Amendment Final Staff Report - Approved May 12, 2010 

On February 17, 2010, the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality approved a new State Operating Permit for the Virginia Paving Company . The new permit incorporates many operational improvements and asphalt production limits that the City and community have worked hard to achieve and that were included in the amended SUP. With this new permit approval, Virginia Paving operations are in full compliance with the improvements required to have been completed by the approved SUP.

VA Paving State Operating Permit 05/15/2012

Past Meetings

November 30, 2011 - Virginia Paving Company hosted a Community outreach meeting at the Charles E. Beatley, Jr. Library to review plant operations and facility improvements for 2011 and to review compliance with the Special Use Permit.  To view the meeting agenda and flyer, click here. Questions may be directed to Steve Milone at 703-746-3829.

October 5, 2010 - Virginia Paving Company hosted a Community Meeting regarding plant operations at the Charles E. Beatley Jr. Library.  To view the agenda and handouts, click here. Questions may be directed to Chris Monahan at the Virginia Paving Company at 703-906-0210, or to City staff Steve Milone at 703-746-3829.


October 8, 2010 Letter regarding Plant 2 Testing

Related Documents 


Virginia Paving Community Liaison Committee  

The Virginia Paving Liaison Committee was formed to discuss operations and to resolve any problems, conflicts or issues identified by the community related to Virginia Paving's operations. The committee was composed of representatives from surrounding residential communities, Virginia Paving Company, and City Staff.  The Committee met for three years during which all infrastructure and operational improvements required by SUP#2005-0042 were installed and approved within the new state operating permit issued by VDEQ. For more information, contact Steve Milone at 703-746-3829.  In the event of immediate concern regarding plant operations, please call the Virginia Paving 24-hour Complaint Hotline telephone number at (703) 906-9918.

Contacts and Information Resources 

Resolution Re-Authorizing Virginia Paving Community Liaison Committee 

Meeting Notes, Materials and Correspondence


Virginia Department of Environmental Quality Public Hearings

A public hearing was held on December 10, 2009 by the VDEQ (Virginia Department of Environmental Quality) to receive comments on the application from Virginia Paving Company for an amendment to their minor new source review permit allowing use of natural gas as an additional fuel option, installation of low NOx permit, and new emission limits based on stack tests conducted at the facility.  (See meeting materials below).  It is anticipated that the permit will be issued soon. 

December 10, 2009 Virginia Paving Permit information briefing and public hearing materials:

This does not affect the City's SUP and the facility will continue to be monitored by the City staff for compliance with its conditions.  The email and attachment are available by clicking here.  More info: Lalit Sharma, P.E., Office of Environmental Quality,TES. Phone: 703-746-4065

August 27, 2008 Virginia Paving Air Permit information briefing and public hearing materials: 



On November 28, 2006, Alexandria City Council approved a request for a special use permit amendment to change the hours by which vehicles may exit and enter the Virginia Paving Company asphalt plant, located at 5601 Courtney Avenue, and to increase the height of the stack to 20 meters.

 City Council's Proposed Revisions to Virginia Paving's SUP Conditions as Originally Recommended by Staff

Background Studies 

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