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Waterfront Plan Implementation
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Page updated Jan 13, 2014 2:41 PM

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Waterfront Public Space Improvements

 Updated Waterfront Landscape and Flood Mitigation Design Community Meeting Schedule and Work Program. The Plan seeks to achieve the expansion and enhancement of the City's waterfront public space network  between  Daingerfield Island to Jones Point. To begin this process, the City has contracted with The Olin Studio and with URS Corporation to produce, with Community Input, a landscape and flood mitigation schematic at 15-30% design, by June 2014, building off the illustrative design depicted in the approved Waterfront Small Area Plan.  Please see the Landscape and Flood Mitigation Design Community Meeting Schedule and the Landscape and Flood Mitigation Work Program for more information.      

Other projects which are underway include the installation of a King Street/The Strand Project at the foot of King Street to help abate nuisance flooding; the Wayfinding Program , including pedestrian signage on Union Street and the Waterfront planned for early 2014; and  the Windmill Hill Bulkhead  Project.  

Additionally, the City has completed a 2013 Waterfront Dock & Marina Maintenance & Repair Assessment that will be a resource to the City, the City’s consultants, and the Community, particularly the Waterfront Commission, as the moves forward with Waterfront Small Area Plan implementation.  

Improvements include:   

  • Waterfront Landscape Design Firm - The City has selected The Olin Studio to lead the City's Waterfront Design Project and to coordinate closely on design and integration of the Flood Mitigation Project. The City's selection of The Olin Studio is the culmination of a careful and thoughtful solicitation process by the City, which began with a review of a summary scope of work by the Waterfront Commission during its June 2012 meeting. Please click here to see the Waterfront Commission's June 2012 meeting materials: June 19, 2012 Meeting Packet. Regional examples of projects designed by The Olin Studio include Canal Park, a Washington, DC neighborhood park which opened November 2012 and which is built in the area of the former 1815 historic Washington National Canal. A tour of Canal Park occurred in August 2013 for the Waterfront Commission. Other examples of local OLIN projects include design of the National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden (1993), the winning design for the National Monument Grounds for Sylvan Theatre (May 2012), and the Annapolis City Dock Master Plan (December 2012). Examples of iconic projects designed by The Olin Studio throughout the United States, such as Bryant Park in New York, and throughout the world, can be found at The Olin Studio website.

    The Olin Studio, along with URS Corporation, will be working together to generate a 15-30% landscape and flood mitigation design for the waterfront by June 2014. The Olin Studio made a full
    Presentation which included the Work Program for this effort at the September 2013 Waterfront Commission meeting.   
  • Waterfront Flood Mitigation Design Firm - In December 2012, the City announced selection of URS Corporation to undertake the flood mitigation engineering and design project for the Waterfront. URS Corporation and The Olin Studio will work closely together on their design processes for the Waterfront. See the Work Program in the Landscape Design section above for more information on the flood mitigation and landscape design process that will be pursued between now and June 2014 to generate 15-30% design drawings for the Waterfront, building on the illustrative design in the Plan.   
  • King Street and The Strand Flood Mitigation Project: The City of Alexandria, VA has selected Flippo Construction to undertake flood mitigation improvements at King Street and The Strand. The Notice to Proceed was effective September 30, 2013, with work actually starting in mid-November 2013 and completion anticipated to take approximately 3 months from then.  The work will entail installation of backflow preventer devices inside an existing manhole in King Street Park for the intended purpose of lessening nuisance flooding events in this area caused by tidal backup in the storm sewer system. The work will be confined to a very small area within the Park and, during the 3 month period, the Park will remain accessible to the public, except for one of two east-west walkways leading to the water. No alterations to the Park are anticipated. However, measures will be taken to protect trees, grass and other features and a very small area next to the manhole will be cordoned off for staging. Also, disruption of traffic flows on King Street, The Strand or other nearby streets will be minimized. On- and off-street parking facilities in the area will continue to have normal ingress and egress during the work.   
  • 2013 Waterfront Dock & Marina Maintenance & Repair Assessment Completed Report - The Recreation, Parks and Cultural Activities Department has completed an above ground and underwater assessment of the current conditions of the Marina to determine immediate, mid- and long-term repair needs, utilizing Michael Baker Corporation as the consultants. The Baker Corporation presented its findings to the Waterfront Commission's Marina Committee in a public meeting in June 2013 and then those findings were subsequently shared with the full Waterfront Commission. See the completed report for more information.     
  • Windmill Hill Bulkhead Replacement Draft Scope of Work Summary   -  A draft Summary of the Scope of Work for services to undertake a conceptual design for the Windmill Hill Bulkhead Replacement  was discussed at the October 2013 Waterfront Commission meeting.  See pages 13 – 16 of the Waterfront Commission October 2013 Meeting Materials for Windmill Hill Bulkhead Replacement  Draft Scope of Work Summary.  Meanwhile, a safety fence has been installed around the bulkhead.  The fence went through an extensive community input process culminating in City Council decision on the nautical design during the November 17, 2012 City Council Public Hearing.     


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