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Page updated Dec 6, 2013 1:15 PM

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Transportation Management Plans (TMPs) — Special Use Permit


Transportation Management Plans (TMPs) are part of the City of Alexandria Zoning Ordinance, Article XI, Division B, Development Approvals, Section 11-700 – Transportation Management Special Use Permits. This ordinance was enacted by City Council on May 16, 1987 to offset the traffic impact of new developments.

The ordinance requires that projects of the sizes indicated below submit a special use permit application which must include a traffic impact analysis and a transportation management plan:


Office 50,000 or more square feet of usable space.
Retail 40,000 or more square feet of usable retail sales space.
Industrial 150,000 or more square feet of usable industrial space.
Residential 250 or more dwelling units.
Mixed-use Any combination of space including one or more of the foregoing uses, at the threshold size applicable to that use. If the threshold is satisfied in any of the uses, the TMP must be prepared for all uses present in the project.

A TMP fund is established to finance the transportation strategies to induce people to use modes other than the single occupancy vehicle. Some of these strategies are discounted fare media, shuttle bus service, registration fees for car sharing, bus shelter maintenance, bicycle lockers and parking facilities, and some administrative costs of the plan. The fund stays in an account belonging to the TMP holder but the City can claim this money if no approved transportation activities are conducted.

As of July 2011, 80 transportation management plans have been prepared. Among these 57 are active; 3 were prepared but the projects developed in a manner that did not require a TMP or were not developed, and 20 have been prepared and are in the approval process.

In the Transportation and Environmental Services Department (T&ES), the Transportation Planning Division administers the TMPs. City staff verifies compliance with the conditions of TMPs through the following documents:


  • Semi-annual Fund Report — This form is used to record the TMP financial contributions made by a TMP holder to support the transportation activities. It also records the expenses incurred and gives a summary of the contribution, the expenses and the balance to carry over, if any. Deficits are shown as additional contributions by the TMP holder to avoid carrying negative balances.

Semi-Annual TMP Fund Report 


  • Resident and Employee Surveys — The objective of the surveys is to find out the transportation behavior used by residents and employees of developments with a TMP. The survey measures the effectiveness of the transportation strategies carried out by TMP holders, as these strategies are intended to stimulate single occupant vehicle (SOV) drivers to switch to transit, join a carpool, ride a bike, and use any other means of transportation.


TMP Annual Report — This report is a narrative of the activities carried out during each year.  It gives a summary of the survey, and indicates what activities are planned for the coming year.

Sample Annual Report Narrative   

All TMPs are conveyed in perpetuity with the land.

Permanence of the TMP Ordinance — Prior to the signing of any lease/purchase agreements, the applicant/developer shall prepare appropriate language to inform tenants/owners of the transportation management plan special use permit and conditions therein. The City Attorney’s office reviews and approves such language.

The Director of T&ES may approve modifications to agreed TMP activities, if the changes are consistent with the goals of the TMP.

2008 Program Review Report: Transportation Management Plan, Special Use Permit Program Review 


Program Updates

In 2008, the City received a Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (MWCOG) grant to review the City's Transportation Management Special Use Permits, including survey methods and case studies from other jurisdictions. As a result, eight recommendations emerged to improve and revise the TMP program. At its December 14, 2010 meeting, City Council directed staff to move forward with the recommendations to revise the TMP program.

In revising the TMP program based on the report and the City Council directive, T&ES and P&Z staff conducted stakeholder interviews and meetings with existing TMP coordinators, civic associations, the development community, land use attorneys, and industry professionals.

In early 2014, the Planning Commission and City Council will consider an amendment to the Zoning Ordinance that will modify the Transportation Management Plan program (Section 11-700) and formally approve the Transportation Planning Administrative Guidelines (Guidelines) as a complementary document. The Guidelines provide technical procedures for the preparation of a multi-modal transportation study and describe TMP elements.

The Transportation Commission will hold a public hearing on Wednesday, January 8, 2014 at 7pm in the City Council Workroom in City Hall, 301 King Street. The City Council public hearing scheduled for Saturday, December 14 has been deferred until further notice.

Docket Items and Attachments 

Staff Report to City Council 
Proposed Zoning Text Changes 
December 14, 2010 City Council Docket Memo 
Transportation Planning Administrative Guidelines, March 25, 2013  


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Alexandria, Va 22314
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