City Changing its Prefix

Page updated on Jun 11, 2010 at 9:43 AM

Please note that the Alexandria Community Shelter's phone number has changed! The new number is 703.746.3660.

Over the past two years, the City of Alexandria government has been updating its telephone system and converting all City telephone numbers to a new prefix: 746.  The City government’s internal telephone systems are switching to Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) telephone technology. VOIP is a modern communications system that uses regular computer network technology instead of dedicated telephone wiring. This technology provides both City employees and residents high-quality service through a fully-integrated, versatile telephone system.

The new system has changed most City government telephone numbers to the new format. The 703 area code and the last four digits of the majority of the current published phone numbers are usually being retained, but phone number prefixes have switched to 746.  For example, the new phone number for the Office on Housing, 703.746.4990, retains the last four digits of the old number, 703.838.4990.  Some City government telephone numbers have completely changed to the new 746 prefix and 4 new digits, for example, Information Technology Services’ new number, 703.746.3001, shares only the 703 area code with its old number, 703.838.4950.

The Alexandria City Public Schools will keep their existing phone numbers, as their phone systems will not change.

To facilitate communications and help the public transition to the new phone numbers, the majority of published City government phone numbers have retained their currently-published numbers for one year after the new telephone system is implemented. For example, a caller dialing 703.838.4990 will be seamlessly connected to the new number, 703.746.4990. Once the change has been implemented for that particular number, callers should begin using the new number, as the previous number will be disconnected one year after the conversion is completed for that department.

To keep the public informed as the telephone numbers change, the City is regularly updating information on the Web site and Channel 70 on Comcast of Alexandria. As phone numbers are changed the City is also distributing updates through eNews, advertisements in  local newspapers, and distribution of printed materials within each City department as they make the transition to new telephone numbers. For more information, please contact Jennifer Harris at 703.746.3961 or e-mail