Eisenhower West Industrial Use Study, 2009

On October 27, 2009, City Council received the Final Report for the Eisenhower West Industrial Use Study. The final report, background and materials related to the study can be found on this page.

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Final Report

On October 27, 2009, City Council received the Final Report for the Eisenhower West Industrial Use Study.  Read or download the report by clicking the links below:

Draft Report

The City of Alexandria released the Draft Report on July 20, 2009, with a 6-week public comment period.  Read or download the Draft Report and the Record of Responses to Public Comments by clicking the links below:

Draft Report


In June 2008, City Council directed City staff to initiate a study analyzing the costs, risks, benefits and opportunities associated with redeveloping the industrial sites in Eisenhower West (Virginia Paving Asphalt plant, the Covanta waste-to-energy facility, the Vulcan facility and the Norfolk Railroad ethanol transloading facility) into mixed use communities.  The study focused on the development costs and opportunities for redeveloping these industrial sites, the feasibility of relocating these uses, and the impacts and benefits of these uses in these locations.

The City of Alexandria retained the consulting firm of Bay Area Economics (BAE) to conduct the study.  BAE worked with MACTEC Engineering and HDR to perform an economic and environmental analysis.

Study Components:
1. Costs, benefits, and impacts related to keeping or relocating industrial use - As part of the study, BAE:
          a) investigated relocation requirements and cost to incent operators to relocate or cease operations;
          b) studied environmental conditions and estimating order-of-magnitude costs for remediation;
          c) evaluated the impacts of relocation and redevelopment on air quality and greenhouse gas emissions; and
          d) estimated economic impacts to the city and its residents of the removal of these uses.
2. Assess mixed use redevelopment opportunities - BAE analyzed the market and financial viability of redevelopment of the area.  Based on a market analysis, BAE developed alternate redevelopment scenarios (including a mix of uses, retaining some industrial uses and/or creating open space), tested whether the economics of the market would make these alternatives viable.

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