Parker-Gray Historic District

The Parker-Gray Board of Architectural Review regulates a 40 block area situated west of Washington Street extending north to south from First Street to Cameron Street and from east to west from Alfred Street to N. West Street.

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Parker-Gray District Board of Architectural Review


The Parker-Gray District is named for the Parker Gray School which opened in 1920. The school was named in commemoration of John Parker and Sarah Gray who had been principals of two segregated schools in Alexandria during the latter part of the 19th century, the Snowden School for Boys and the Hallowell School for Girls.

Parker-Gray Board of Architectural Review Members

The Parker-Gray District Board is composed of seven members who are residents of the City of Alexandria. The Historic District Ordinance requires that at least two of the Board's members be architects. Members of the Board are appointed by City Council for three year terms with a maximum of 10 consecutive years.

  • Purvi Irwin, Chair, was appointed in 2012 and is a preservation architect by profession (term expires 6/13/2021)
  • James Spencer,  Vice-Chair, was appointed in 2016 and is an architect by profession (term expires 6/30/2019)
  • Heidi Leinbach was appointed in 2018 and is an architect by profession (term expires 6/13/2021)
  • Theresa del Ninno was appointed in 2011 and is an architect representative on the BAR (term expires 6/30/2020)
  • Robert Duffy was appointed in 2010 and is an urban planner by profession (term expires 6/13/2021)
  • Aaron Karty was appointed in 2016 and is a government analyst (term expires 6/30/2019)
  • Matthew Slowik was appointed in 2011 and is an attorney by profession (term expires 9/13/2020)

Parker-Gray Public Hearings

 Parker-Gray Administrative Approvals Under new Residential Reference Guide

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