Public Health Emergency Management

The Public Health Emergency Management program enhances readiness and resilience throughout the City of Alexandria through planning, training, drills/exercises, and outreach focused on public health preparedness and emergency response.

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Public Health Emergency Management

What We Do

Emergencies in the City of Alexandria can take many forms - from winter storms and extreme heat to flooding and disease outbreaks. These events all have public health consequences.

The Public Health Emergency Management program works to protect the public from all hazards. Through partnerships with community and governmental organizations, we coordinate emergency planning, training, exercises, and outreach. Ultimately, we ensure that staff, volunteers, and partners are ready to respond to protect the health of our community.  

PlanningPublic Health Preparedness

Public Health Emergency Management's emergency operations plans guide the City's response to public health emergencies. Our priorities are shaped by the Virginia Department of Health and the CDC's Public Health Preparedness Capabilities. We ensure that any City response is coordinated with neighboring jurisdictions and response partners.

Our team also frequently helps local health providers develop and implement emergency operations plans – these include clinics, nursing homes, and dialysis centers.


We provide free public health emergency preparedness training in the community. Training can be targeted towards neighborhood associations, faith-based organizations, businesses, and any other community groups.

Flu Clinic 10.23.17


Public Health Emergency Management participates in drills and exercises with City agencies, regional organizations, Virginia Department of Health, and other partners. These scenarios enable us to test our emergency operations plans and build stronger public health emergency response capabilities.


Through our Medical Reserve Corps, we participate in community events throughout the City, including health fairs, farmers' markets, festivals, and other gatherings to provide public health preparedness information.  

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