QR Codes

Page updated on Sep 23, 2011 at 1:08 PM

QR Code for AlexandriaVA.govThis is an example of a QR ("Quick Response") code.  QR codes are like the barcodes you see on retail products, but they can contain a lot more information than a simple item number.

The code to the left is just another way of displaying https://www.alexandriava.gov/.  QR codes can be read by smartphone cameras, which saves you having to type in long web addresses.

QR codes can also be used to display other text, such as contact information or a coupon number.  QR codes can be placed on anything from signs and flyers to billboards and business cards.  They provide an easy way for customers to get more information about the subject, without having to remember or type anything.

To use QR codes, you need a phone that has a camera and a QR reader app.  Many modern smartphones come with a reader app (such as “Barcode Scanner” for Android or “BlackBerry Messenger” for BlackBerry), or you can install a free reader app by searching for “QR” in your phone’s online app store.

The City uses QR codes in a variety of ways.  Codes on multi-space parking meters in Old Town (shown below) help you find local visitor and parking info.  Codes on permits help you make sure the permit is valid.  If you have any feedback about the City's use of QR codes, please let us know!

QR Code on Parking Meters