Special Use Permit Viewer

Information on the Special Use Permit.

Page updated on Apr 24, 2018 at 1:08 PM

What is a Special Use Permit?

I know the number of the SUP I'd like to see:

SUP numbers are in one of the following formats:

Year Created  Format Example
1950 - 1993 SUPnnnn SUP2122
1994 - 1999 SUPyy-nnnnn SUP95-00124
2000 - Present SUPyyyy-nnnnn SUP2002-00054
Enter the SUP number:  

I would like to locate SUPs by address, parcel, intersection, or general location:

The GIS Document Imaging Viewer is an interactive map that allows users to browse land related documents stored in the City of Alexandria's Document Imaging System by location. If you do not have a specific SUP number, but have an address, parcel number, intersection, or general location, this tool will help you locate SUPs.

Searches are currently limited to Special Use Permit (SUP) documents that have been incorporated into the system and subdivision plats on file with the GIS Division. These documents include the vast majority of SUPs issued since they were first required in 1950, and plats for subdivisions occurring since 1955. Additional, SUPs and plats are being incorporated into the system on an ongoing basis. Note that subdivision plats on file are generally those that have been required by the City during a subdivision process. Many plats from individual homes will not be available.  Click the following link to open the viewer in a new window: GIS Document Imaging Viewer