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Youth Topics is a service of the Center for Children and Families of the Department of Community and Human Services. It is produced by Jacqueline Coachman, DCHS Office of Youth Services.

Page updated on Sep 27, 2017 at 2:07 PM

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Highlights of the 27 September 2017 Edition:

Seaport Day (September 30)
Art Safari (October 21)
Toast to Hope (October 28)
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Scholastic Art & Writing Awards
College Scholarship Program
Obama Foundation Fellows
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The DCHS Office of Youth Services compiled a listing of grant opportunities on September 8,  September 15, and September 25.

At a Job Fair with Eric Holder and Howard Schultz, Hundreds of Young People Get On-the-Spot Offers
Universities in Virginia Hit Students with Whopping Collection Fees for Unpaid Tuition
New SAT Scores Sow Confusion Over How To Tell a Good Result
Youth Sports Study: Declining Participation, Rising Costs and Unqualified Coaches
Comcast Expands Broadband Program for Low-Income Families
Flint's Lead-Poisoned Water Had a "Horrifyingly Large" Effect on Fetal Deaths
Untrained Police Officers in Schools Focus on Girls of Color, Report Says
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Youth Well-Being     
Not Drinking or Driving, Teens Increasingly Put Off Traditional Markers of Adulthood
The Concerning Link Between Inadequate Sleep and Adolescent Substance Abuse
Could Some ADHD Be a Type of Sleep Disorder? That Would Fundamentally Change How We Treat It
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Juvenile Justice
Trump's MS-13 Crackdown: Going After Suspected Gang Members for Immigration Violations
House Passes Comstock Bill Targeting Immigrant Members of MS-13 Gang
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Enhancing Police Responses to Children Exposed to Violence: A Toolkit for Law Enforcement (September 27, 3 - 4:30 p.m.)
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