Friends of Guest House cont.

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Guest House offers three tiers of re-entry support: 1. Residential: The most intensive level of support. Up to 17 women at a time live in Guest House-supervised residential facilities, with an average stay of three-to-four months. 2. Aftercare: Continued support to clients who have “graduated” from the Residential Program and are negotiating the challenges of independent living. Aftercare support lasts about six-to-nine months; thus, the Residential- to-Aftercare continuum is usually one year. 3. Outreach: A nonresidential program for women re-entering the community directly from incarceration. We meet with women as their release dates approach, telling them about available resources——including our own.  Spanning those three tiers, we provide case management; mental health and substance abuse counseling; and help with issues such as medical care, education, vocational training, employment, housing, child custody, referrals to other community services and, generally, help navigating the post-incarceration environment in constructive ways. We offer a Speakers Bureau, featuring our clients as speakers. We also assist “justice-involved” women: for example, women with a spouse or other family member in jail.