Transportation - Beauregard Small Area Plan

Learn about the transportation-related analyses conducted during the Beauregard planning process, including improvements being done as part of the BRAC-133 development, the City's high capacity Transitway Corridor connecting to Van Dorn Street and Beauregard Street (also known as Corridor C), and other improvements being considered as part of the Beauregard Small Area Plan process.

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  • Beauregard Small Area Plan Transportation Analysis Report & Appendices 
    The Beauregard Small Area Plan Transportation Analysis Study was prepared to analyze the transportation impacts associated with proposed development in the Beauregard planning area. The study included four development/transportation network scenarios, including: 1) Existing Conditions (year 2010); 2) (Without development) Year 2035 Baseline; 3) Year 2035 Conditions with Development; 4) Year 2020 Conditions with Interim Development. The study analyzed the traffic impacts, such as levels of service, traffic queues and delay at 32 intersections within and near the plan area for each scenario, and identified the necessary transportation improvements needed for the future scenarios. 
  • Beauregard Small Area Plan Traffic Analysis for Proposed Southern Towers Development. The technical memorandum attached was produced after the Beauregard Small Area Plan Transportation Analysis (dated January 18, 2012), in order to update the traffic analysis due to proposed changes in the building configuration and road layout within Southern Towers. The analysis contained within the January 18 document was based on a previous layout for Southern Towers, which has been updated and is assumed in the current draft of the Beauregard Small Area Plan.
  • Transportation Report to VDOT (Chapter 527)
    Transportation Report to VDOT (Chapter 527) and Appendices was completed, as part of the Beauregard Small Area Plan. This analysis examines the traffic impacts associated with the proposed development, including existing conditions (2010), the 2035 baseline condition, and the 2035 market demand condition. In addition, analysis was completed for a year 2020 interim market demand scenario. In April 2012, VDOT reviewed and approved the Chapter 527 report and concluded that the proposed ellipse at the intersection of Seminary Road and Beauregard Street is a good solution and recommended that additional analysis should be done prior to implementation.
  • Transitway Corridor Feasibility Study
    Corridor C, when implemented will run along Beauregard Street and Van Dorn street in an approximately north/south direction. This Corridor will have a direct impact on land use and transportation decisions in the Beauregard planning area. Learn more about this initiative impact on the planning area.
  • BRAC-133
    The BRAC-133 Mark Center is located in the Beauregard planning area. This webpage includes information on background reports on current and past transportation studies for Mark Center area, meeting notes and presentations from the City's BRAC-133 Advisory Group. Learn more about:
    • Short/mid-term transportation improvements
    • HOV Ramp / Transit
  • Columbia Pike Transit Initiative 
  • Alexandria Transportation Master Plan 
  • Virginia Mega Projects - I-95 / I-395 HOT Lanes