Beauregard Rezoning - CDD Information

As part of the implementation process for the 2012 Beauregard Small Area Plan, the City reviewed applications that proposed establishing a new Coordinated Development District (CDD) through amendments to the Zoning Map and Zoning Ordinance, and to adopt design guidelines for the Beauregard Small Area Plan.

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Rezoning - CDD Information 

City Council approved the Beauregard rezonings and (CDD #21 and CDD #22) by a 6 to 1 vote on April 13, 2013.  For the approved CDD Conditions, staff report and related documents, as well as information about the on-going implementation processclick here. 

Other Planning Efforts

Learn about other planning efforts related to Columbia Pike Transit Initiative, Housing Master Plan, Eco-City Plan, Parks and Recreation Needs Assessment, Landmark/Van Dorn Corridor Plan, etc.

Columbia Pike Transit Initiative - The Columbia Pike Transit Initiative is related to the Beauregard planning efforts because of its close future proximity to the area. 

Housing Master Plan - The City’s Housing Master Plan effort will serve an important role in how affordable housing issues are addressed in the short and long-term in the future in the Beauregard study area. 

Alexandria Transportation Master Plan - The Alexandria plan describes the transit initiatives including the dedicated Van Dorn Street / Beauregard Street Transitway corridor through the Beauregard Corridor Plan planning area. 

Alexandria Master Plan - This page provides links to the City's Small Area and City Element Chapters of the Master Plan. 

Eco-City Master Plan - Learn about the unique relationship of this master plan to help guide Alexandria towards stronger sustainability. 

Landmark Van Dorn Corridor Plan -This corridor is in close proximity to the Beauregard planning area and will be directly linked to the Beauregard planning area through future transportation and redevelopment planning efforts.   

Virginia Mega Projects - I-95/I-385 HOT Lanes - This site features information on I-495 HOT Lanes and Fairfax County Parkway/Mark Center/I-95 Access Ramps transportation related projects.