Alexandria Housing Affordability Advisory Committee

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The Affordable Housing Advisory Committee advises City Council on issues regarding the maintenance and promotion of affordable housing, makes recommendations for policies governing the expenditures of the City's Housing Trust Fund monies, and oversees the administration of the Trust Fund. The Committee meets on the first Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. Approximately four hours per month are required of Committee members.

Number of Members:



Voting Members: 1 Builder or developer of residential property 1 Real estate professional with knowledge and experience in residential real estate 1 Landlord of residential property in the City 1 Residential tenant in the City 1 Homeowner in the City 1 Commissioner from the ARHA Board 1 Representative of the City's faith community 1 Representative of a civic association in the City 1 Representative who is employed by or affiliated with an organization that promotes and maintains affordable housing 2 Financial professionals with knowledge and experience in the field of finance as it relates to residential housing 1 Representative of an employer in the city who employs at least 100 employees 1 Licensed and practicing attorney 2 representatives of the City's small business community, including the retail, restaurant or hospitality sectors  1 person who represents housing consumers under 30 years of age 1 person designated by, but who need not be a member of the Commission on Persons with Disabilities  1 person who is either an employee of the City or the Alexandria City Public Schools    Non-Voting Members: 1 Representative from the Office of Housing 1 Representative from the Dept. of Planning and Zoning 1 Representative from the Department of Human Services

Term of Service:

3-year term

City Staff Contact:

Helen McIlvaine, Office of Housing, 703.746.4990 

List of Members:

  • Michael Butler
  • Katharine Dixon
  • Michael Doyle
  • Carter Flemming
  • Jonathan Frederick
  • Stephen Hales
  • Holly Hanisian
  • William Harris
  • Robyn Konkel, chair
  • Michelle Krocker
  • Matthew McCarthy
  • Helen McIlvaine
  • Nathaniel Ouellette
  • Peter-Anthony Pappas
  • Mary Parker
  • Nechelle Terrell
  • Eric Weiss
  • Marian Wiggins
  • Seddiq Yasin
  • Paul Zurawski

For further information about the responsibilities of this board or commission, or to apply to serve on this board or commission, contact Jackie Henderson in the City Clerk's Office at 703 746-4550.