Alexandria Transportation Commission

Page updated on Sep 21, 2016 at 11:37 AM


The Alexandria Transportation Commission is established to advocate and promote development of balanced transportation systems for the City through oversight of the implementation of the Transportation Chapter of the City's adopted Master Plan.

Number of Members:


Term of Service:


City Staff Contact:

Sandra Marks, T&ES, 703.746.4101/ Steve Sindiong, 703.746.4047

List of Members:

  • David Brown
  • John Chapman
  • Jake Jakubek
  • Ryan Jones
  • Jerry King, chair
  • Stephen Klejst
  • James Lewis
  • Timothy Lovain
  • Melissa McMahon
  • Christine Michaelis

For further information about the responsibilities of this board or commission, or to apply to serve on this board or commission, contact Jackie Henderson in the City Clerk's Office at 703. 746.4550.