Alexandria Renew Enterprises

The Alexandria Renew Enterprises was created under the Virginia Water and Sewer Authority Act and is responsible for raising its own funds by selling revenue bonds and charging users for service. The Authority meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. Approximately four hours per month are required of Authority members.

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Its purpose is to treat sewage waste from the City and its responsibilities include construction, operation, maintenance and improvement of the sewage system. The system serves Alexandria and some neighboring areas of Fairfax County. 

Number of Members:


Term of Service:

4-year term

City Staff Contact:

Lalit Sharma, Transportation and Environmental Services, 703.746.4072

List of Members:

  • James Beall
  • William Dickinson
  • John Hill, chair
  • Bruce Johnson
  • Patricia Turner

For further information about the responsibilities of this board or commission, or to apply to serve on this board or commission, contact Gloria Sitton in the City Clerk's Office at 703.746.4550.