Beauregard Urban Design Advisory Committee

Page updated on Mar 9, 2018 at 9:35 AM


The Beauregard Urban Design Advisory Committee is to review application within the CDD No. 21 and CDD No. 22.  Applications within CDD No. 21 and CDD No. 22 are to be reviewed for compliance with the Beauregard Small Area Plan and the Beauregard Urban Design Standards and Guidelines, as adopted by the Planning Commission.  The board will make recommendations on such applications to the Planning Commission and City Council through the Director of Planning and Zoning.

Number of Members:



4 qualified professional members skilled in architecture, planning, landcape architecture and/or urban design

3 citizen members

1 member representing the business community

1 at-large member

Term of service:

2 years

City Staff Contact:

Sara Brandi-Vorel, Planning and Zoning, 703.746-3819

List of Members:

  • Pete Benavage, chair
  • Abed Benzina
  • Blair Davenport
  • Donna Fossum
  • Carolyn Griglione
  • Bud Jackson
  • Fatimah Mateen

For further information about the responsibilities of this board or commission, or to apply to serve on this board or commission, contact Gloria Sitton in the City Clerk's Office at 703.746.4550.