Fiscal Year 2020 Budget Questions & Answers

Budget Questions and Answers are used to respond to City Council questions and requests during the budget deliberation process. Budget Questions and Answers for the Fiscal Year 2020 budget process are listed and searchable below by subject.  Click the question's title to view the full question (which may have been abbreviated to fit the title character allotment) and response. You may also view, download and print PDF versions of each question by clicking the "Printable Version" link at the bottom of each question's response. For convenience, the “Printable Version” of every question and answer for the FY 2020 budget development process has also been combined into a single PDF.

4/30/2019 1:20:33 PMCompleteQuestion #79: Summary of Decisions from the Final Add/Delete Work Session
4/29/2019 11:41:38 AMCompleteQuestion #77: Please provide details on the following SNAP Double Dollar program questions.
4/29/2019 8:38:47 AMCompleteQuestion #78: Please provide online comments received regarding Add/Delete proposals.
4/25/2019 8:41:29 AMCompleteQuestion #76: Revised Add/Delete List for Consideration in the Final Add/Delete Work Session
4/24/2019 1:23:03 PMCompleteQuestion #75: Please provide online comments received regarding Add/Delete proposals.
4/23/2019 8:52:38 AMCompleteQuestion #74: Please provide online comments received regarding Add/Delete proposals.
4/22/2019 1:14:38 PMCompleteQuestion #73: Please provide online comments received regarding Add/Delete proposals.
4/19/2019 10:09:44 AMCompleteQuestion #72: Please provide online comments received regarding Add/Delete proposals.
4/16/2019 2:00:38 PMCompleteQuestion #71: Please provide online comments received regarding Add/Delete proposals.
4/12/2019 10:51:30 AMCompleteQuestion #70: Provide the summary of FY 2020 General Fund budget Add/Delete proposals.
4/10/2019 2:02:47 PMCompleteQuestion #69: What is the breakdown of revenues and expenditures for the City Marina?
4/9/2019 8:50:05 AMCompleteQuestion #68: Please provide any budget comments and feedback submitted online.
4/5/2019 3:34:38 PMCompleteQuestion #67: BFAAC Report on the City Manager’s Proposed Budget for Fiscal Year 2020
4/5/2019 2:23:23 PMCompleteQuestion #66: Provide a summary of revenue re-estimates and technical adjustments for add/delete.
4/2/2019 12:53:06 PMCompleteQuestion #65: Response to online request from Alexandria Commanders Association.
4/2/2019 12:42:14 PMCompleteQuestion #64: Please provide any budget comments and feedback submitted online.
4/2/2019 11:50:59 AMCompleteQuestion #62: Which Boards and Commissions receive resources/funding beyond a staff liaison and meals and how much are those proposed amounts?
4/2/2019 11:48:55 AMCompleteQuestion #61: What is the estimated cost savings for converting contractor positions to permanent FTEs in Information Technology Services (ITS)?
4/2/2019 8:38:51 AMCompleteQuestion #63: What are the financial benefits of a C-PACE program? What can C-PACE achieve that the private market cannot? What environmental impacts does C-PACE provide that legislation cannot?
3/28/2019 4:05:39 PMCompleteQuestion #60: Can you please provide the fiscal impact of the remaining recommendations of the 2015 Old Town Area Parking Study (OTAPS) that have not yet been implemented?
3/28/2019 4:04:42 PMCompleteQuestion #59: Provide additional detail on the shift of the HR Analyst position from the pension funding to the General Fund, and subsequent plans to eliminate the General Fund impact in the future.
3/28/2019 4:03:42 PMCompleteQuestion #58: Provide further detail on the proposed reductions in the contribution rate for both OPEB and LOD. Did a new actuarial study inform these reductions? Provide a new schedule of ARC’s.
3/28/2019 4:01:19 PMCompleteQuestion #57: Unassigned/uncommitted fund balance is projected at 10.57% at the end of FY 2019. Our target remains 5.5%. Is staff’s position that this is an appropriate level for this fund balance?
3/28/2019 3:37:37 PMCompleteQuestion #56: Where does the funding for the double-up SNAP dollars at the Old Town Farmers’ Market come from? Do we have data on unique users and/or number of uses?
3/28/2019 3:35:36 PMCompleteQuestion #55: There is a proposed 37.8% increase in personnel costs for General Services-External Services despite the number of FTEs remaining unchanged. What is this for?
3/28/2019 3:31:16 PMCompleteQuestion #54: Question #17 suggests the Old Town Farmers’ Market costs around $51,000; this year’s budget suggests the FY19 cost is $90,000. What does the $90,000 include that the $51,000 does not?
3/28/2019 3:27:43 PMCompleteQuestion #53: Provide the impact of adding a 4th staff member in Complete Streets in terms of completing projects, conducting outreach and ensuring a higher percentage of streets are treated?
3/28/2019 3:24:39 PMCompleteQuestion #52: If cash capital contributions are increased and additional borrowing is incurred for the Street Reconstruction & Resurfacing project, how much future funding can be advanced to FY20?
3/28/2019 3:22:44 PMCompleteQuestion #51: Capital Improvement Program (Page 13.7): Can you detail the work effort to be performed during FY 2020 with the funding available to advance the Transit Corridor B project?
3/28/2019 3:20:12 PMCompleteQuestion #50: Provide the impact of reducing the ACPS Operating appropriation by $708,570 and increasing funding for the ACPS non-capacity CIP for FY20 by the same amount to fund textbook replacement.
3/28/2019 3:15:09 PMCompleteQuestion #49: What would the revenue produced be if 1) there was no cap on development fees or 2) if the cap was lifted to $100,000?
3/28/2019 3:14:17 PMCompleteQuestion #48: What are the potential funding streams that can be utilized to extend the Arlandria Bikeshare Partnership pilot program across the City?
3/22/2019 3:11:49 PMCompleteQuestion #47: Can the utilization of new U.S. Marshal's revenue be used to adjust the City pay scale for Sheriff's Deputies?
3/22/2019 12:54:49 PMCompleteQuestion #46: How much is programmed in the CIP and in which year(s) for the EAP phase 1 action on renewable energy strategy/model?
3/22/2019 12:49:51 PMCompleteQuestion #45: Is ARHA performing energy audits on their properties?
3/22/2019 12:48:14 PMCompleteQuestion #15: What would be required to establish a separate fund for preserving affordable housing?
3/15/2019 11:03:25 AMCompleteQuestion #44: Please provide the total number of trash and recycling receptacles in the Chirilagua area compared to the Del Ray area of Mount Vernon Avenue?
3/15/2019 11:02:11 AMCompleteQuestion #43: Please provide an update on the recommendations from the most recent Old Town Area Parking Study.
3/15/2019 11:01:08 AMCompleteQuestion #42: What are the total attendees for the annual Arts Festival?
3/15/2019 10:59:43 AMCompleteQuestion #41: What is the cost to extend the holidays lights for an additional month on either end of the lighting season?
3/15/2019 10:58:34 AMCompleteQuestion #40: How much did Eisenhower West property owners contribute to the technical studies/consultant work on the Eisenhower West Plan?
3/15/2019 10:56:35 AMCompleteQuestion #39: What would it cost to implement the 2007 recommendation that staff assistance be increased to 1.0 FTE for Council and to 1.5 FTE for the Mayor?
3/14/2019 12:48:46 PMCompleteQuestion #16: Update FY19 Budget Question 40 - Provide the expenditure savings of capping the elderly/disabled real estate tax abatement program and a deferral program option for eligible homeowners?
3/12/2019 10:46:07 AMCompleteQuestion #38: How does the proposed DASH fare of $2.00 per trip compare to MetroBus fares? What are the potential impacts on ridership and revenue when raising the fare from $1.75 to $2.00?
3/12/2019 10:45:02 AMCompleteQuestion #37: Can staff provide the potential impact on Affordable Housing for Alexandria residents in regards to Amazon HQ2?
3/12/2019 10:44:12 AMCompleteQuestion #36: How does Public Safety pay, as proposed in the FY 2020 budget, compare to other Northern Virginia jurisdictions?
3/12/2019 10:42:38 AMCompleteQuestion #35: What is the budgetary impact of including Fire Marshals and Medics in the VRS Hazard Retirement Plan?
3/12/2019 10:41:50 AMCompleteQuestion #34: How does the City's FY 2020 proposed budget compare to Northern Virginia jurisdictions?
3/12/2019 10:39:37 AMCompleteQuestion #33: What would be the cost and benefits associated with creating a multi-lingual office or division of immigration affairs?
3/6/2019 9:17:59 AMCompleteQuestion #32: Please provide any budget comments and feedback submitted online.
3/1/2019 3:57:37 PMCompleteQuestion #31: Provide an overview of the implementation plan and costs for additional plaques, near the Waterfront area.
3/1/2019 3:56:50 PMCompleteQuestion #30: Can you provide an estimate of the savings that will result from implementing E-Citations for moving violations? (i.e. time saved for officers, etc.)
3/1/2019 3:50:25 PMCompleteQuestion #29: What is the actual acreage of City-owned land in the Witter/Wheeler area?
2/26/2019 3:09:11 PMCompleteQuestion #28: What has been spent on Wayfinding so far? How much are we spending on it this year or the next couple of years?
2/26/2019 3:06:46 PMCompleteQuestion #27: Provide a budget memo detailing impact of all of the state budget changes? Particular interests lie in the education funding changes, the changes in human services, etc.
2/26/2019 3:02:16 PMCompleteQuestion #26: What would be the cost and capacity to have all staff park in city and/or private lots?
2/26/2019 2:59:31 PMCompleteQuestion #25: Please provide any budget comments and feedback submitted online.
2/26/2019 2:58:39 PMCompleteQuestion #24: How is work is covered in the inmate detail? Is there a record of the work done? Is there an expectation of the work that will be done for the upcoming fiscal year?
2/26/2019 2:56:32 PMCompleteQuestion #23: Can you provide more information about what is received from our $129,311 cost for the Sheriff's Office participation in the US Marshals Regional Fugitive Task Force?
2/26/2019 2:55:42 PMCompleteQuestion #22: What were restaurant sales for last four years (gross totals) as in did they ever recover from when they were down? Did the average sales per business also go up?
2/26/2019 2:52:15 PMCompleteQuestion #21: Can you provide a staffing overview of Parking Enforcement? How many positions does the proposed budget fund? What revenue assumptions are made at that staffing level?
2/26/2019 2:46:05 PMCompleteQuestion #20: Can you please provide an overall update as to the implementation of the recommendations of the IACP staffing study?
2/26/2019 11:45:08 AMCompleteQuestion #11: Can you please provide an update of the FY 2019 Budget Question 19, Reduction Proposals Not Taken?
2/26/2019 11:40:35 AMCompleteQuestion #17: Can you provide the General Fund impact, both revenue and expenditures, of the operations of the Old Town Farmer’s Market?
2/26/2019 11:27:27 AMCompleteQuestion #14: What would be the required change in the Vehicular Personal Property Tax Rate in order to eliminate the Vehicle Decal Fee and remain revenue neutral?
2/26/2019 11:26:22 AMCompleteQuestion #13: Can you provide detail as to the line-item cost and benefit of the proposed WasteSmart initiatives included in the proposed budget?
2/26/2019 11:23:32 AMCompleteQuestion #12: Please provide an update to the Meals Tax Rebate memo distributed May 8, 2018.
2/26/2019 11:22:49 AMCompleteQuestion #18: Provide a detailing of the number of children served across the Early Childhood Program Area, the cost breakdown of each area, and estimates of the current waiting lists for service.
2/26/2019 11:20:00 AMCompleteQuestion #19: Can you provide the latest Service Report and Financial Report delivered under the Memorandum of Agreement between Inova Alexandria Hospital and the City?
2/26/2019 10:23:29 AMCompleteQuestion #10: If we aligned our parking garages hourly rate to the market, what would it be per hour? And how much additional revenue would that bring in?
2/26/2019 10:22:04 AMCompleteQuestion #09: How much does it cost to do additional miles of street paving?
2/26/2019 10:19:47 AMCompleteQuestion #08: Compare the costs of Campagna Center versus Recreation Centers for Out of School Time childcare and provide the fiscal impact of shifting programs in the City’s Cost Recovery Model.
2/26/2019 10:12:24 AMCompleteQuestion #07: What are the benefits to implementing a legal representation program for Alexandria residents facing deportation? If approved by Council, how would it be implemented (awarding contract?)
2/26/2019 10:09:49 AMCompleteQuestion #06: How can we produce a “budget simulation” similar to those developed in Akron, Ohio; Peoria, Illinois; and Montgomery County, Maryland?
2/25/2019 7:38:45 PMCompleteQuestion #05: How much does the City spend on street maintenance?
2/25/2019 7:38:02 PMCompleteQuestion #04: How much do we charge an owner or developer to demolish their property in comparison to Arlington and Fairfax? How much revenue came to us in each of the last years through these fees?
2/25/2019 7:34:44 PMCompleteQuestion #03: How is the target number of counseling sessions for start-up small businesses through SBDC set?
2/25/2019 7:33:09 PMCompleteQuestion #02: What are the possibilities of advocating for more local authority in regards to city revenue generation such as a potential progressive tax, income tax or other revenue generation?
2/22/2019 4:09:06 PMCompleteQuestion #01: What is the proposed schedule and add/delete process for FY 2020 budget deliberations?