Fiscal Year 2022 Budget Questions & Answers

Budget Questions and Answers are used to respond to City Council questions and requests during the budget deliberation process. Budget Questions and Answers for the Fiscal Year 2022 budget process are listed and searchable below by subject. 

3/2/2021 1:39:23 PMPendingQuestion # 17: Can you determine what percentage of our local Sales Tax comes from Internet Sales as a result of the Wayfair legislation?
3/2/2021 11:32:42 AMPendingQuestion # 16: What are the proposed tax rates, new or increased other taxes, and stormwater fee and tax changes of our neighboring jurisdictions?
2/26/2021 8:36:40 AMPendingQuestion # 15: How has affordable housing CIP funds been spent to date?
2/24/2021 9:46:14 AMPendingQuestion # 14: What would it cost to bring the King Street Trolley back in July and what would be the cost if it started in August?
2/23/2021 2:53:33 PMPendingQuestion # 13: What are the key issues in the the FY 2022 Metro's budget?
2/23/2021 1:15:09 PMPendingQuestion # 10: Can you provide a list of options for providing more flexibility for relief funds (ie elderly and disabled tax relief) and other revenues collection activities such as late fees?
2/23/2021 10:43:14 AMPendingQuestion # 12: What would be the costs and timeline of implementing HB1103 legislation authority to rank choice voting for local elections?
2/23/2021 10:29:55 AMPendingQuestion # 11:What are the alternative options to the Taylor Run Stream Restoration project in order to receive credits for our Chesapeake Bay mandate?
2/15/2021 9:56:39 AMCompleteQuestion # 09: Please produce a BFACC memo for Initial Reflections on the City's 2020 Pandemic Response and Context for the Manager's FY22 Budget.
2/15/2021 9:53:08 AMPendingQuestion # 08: How will the minimum wage increase impact the Summer Youth Employment program and what are the costs to maintain the current current number of participants?
2/15/2021 9:51:37 AMPendingQuestion # 07: What would a renovation of Market Square entail and what would be a rough order of magnitude cost?
2/15/2021 9:50:00 AMPendingQuestion # 06: What would be the cost and benefits associated with adding a second Therapist Supervisor to the one included in the proposed budget for the ACORP?
2/15/2021 9:46:01 AMPendingQuestion # 05: What would be the cost and benefits associated with creating a multi-lingual office or division of immigration affairs?
2/15/2021 9:44:01 AMPendingQuestion # 04: How many streets are named after Confederate generals, soldiers or political figures in Alexandria, and what would it cost to rename each one?
2/15/2021 9:41:05 AMPendingQuestion # 03: What resources would be necessary for the Office of Historic Alexandria (OHA) to create a more proactive or robust oral history program?
2/15/2021 9:37:50 AMPendingQuestion # 02: What are some options for reallocating APD funding used for school resource unit to DCHS or other departments?
2/15/2021 9:22:41 AMCompleteQuestion # 01: What is the proposed schedule and add/delete process for FY 2022 Budget Deliberations?