FY 2010 Budget

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FY 2010 Adopted Operating Budget & Capital Improvement Program 

On April 27, the Alexandria City Council adopted a $530 million General Fund Operating Budget for FY 2010, a 2.2% decrease of $12 million from FY 2009. The FY 2009 real estate tax rate of 84.5 cents per $100 of assessed value was raised by 5.8 cents to 90.3 cents. The average homeowner’s taxes will increase by $76 annually.

Revenue and expenditure changes from the City Manager’s approved budget include:

  • Restoration of $610,000 for social safety net programs in the Health Department, Human Services Department and the Mental Health, Mental Retardation, and Substance Abuse Department.
  • Authorization of a cigarette tax increase of 10 cents per pack, which is expected to generate $400,000 next year.
  • Restoration of $287,000 for economic development priorities to assist the City’s residents and businesses during the economic downturn.
  • Allocation of funds for Capital Improvement Program projects, including the James Polk Elementary School Gymnasium ($1,400,000); DASH bus replacement ($600,000); and street and sidewalk repair ($200,000).
  • Maintenance of current public safety spending levels for the Alexandria Police, Fire, and Sheriff Departments.
  • Addition of $455,000 for a homeownership assistance program to help low-income residents purchase distressed properties.

The FY 2010 budget includes the following reductions:

  • One hundred and seventeen positions were cut from the City’s workforce.
  • Employee salaries have been frozen.
  • The City transfer to the Schools was decreased by 2%, or $3.4 million, but still meets the revised School Board request for City funds. Thirty-one percent of the General Fund budget is provided for the Schools.

FY 2010 Budget Materials 

Approved Operating Budget & Capital Improvement Program

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> Approved Operating Budget (Complete)

  • Table of Contents
  • City Manager's Message
  • Overview
  • Understanding the Budget
  • Combined Sources & Uses Tables
  • Expenditure Summaries
    -- Expenditure Summary
    -- BFAAC Budget Format
  • Revenue Summaries 
    -- General Fund Revenue Distribution
    -- Summary of Budgeted Revenues and Other Finance Sources
    -- Real Property Tax Revenues
    -- Statement of Estimate Real Property Tax Revenues
    -- Real Estate Assessments by Calendar Year
    -- Real Property Tax Base
    -- Real Property Assessments Compared To General Fund Expenditures
    -- FY 2010 Approved Tax Rates for Major Revenue Sources
    -- Grant Funding Summary
  • Personnel Summary
    -- Changes in Full-Time Positions
    -- General Salary Adjustments
  • Fund Balance
    -- Statement of Estimated General Fund Fund Balance
    -- Actual FY 2009 Fund Balance Year-End
    -- Statement of Projected Fund Balance
    -- Layperson’s Guide to Fund Balance
  • Forecast Scenarios
    -- Multi-Year Revenue and Expenditure Projections
  • Legislative & Executive
    -- City Council
    -- City Manager
    -- City Attorney
    -- City Clerk and Clerk of Council
  • Courts & Constitutional Officers
    -- 18th Circuit Court
    -- 18th General District Court
    -- Clerk of Courts
    -- Commonwealth’s Attorney
    -- Court Service Unit
    -- Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court
    -- Law Library
    -- Other Public Safety and Justice Activities
    -- Registrar of Voters
    -- Sheriff
  • General Government
    -- Citizen Assistance
    -- Finance
    -- General Services
    -- Human Rights
    -- Information Technology Services
    -- Internal Audit
    -- Management and Budget
    -- Non-Departmental
    -- Debt Service
    -- Contingent Reserves
    -- Office on Women
    -- Human Resources Department
    -- Real Estate Assessments
    -- Office of Communications
  • Public Safety
    -- Fire
    -- Office of Building and Fire Code Administration
    -- Police
  • Health & Welfare
    -- Human Services
    -- Mental Health, Mental Retardation and Substance Abuse
    -- Alexandria Health Department
    -- Other Health Activities
  • Community Development
    -- Housing
    -- Planning and Zoning
    -- Economic Development Activities
  • Parks, Recreation & Cultural Activities
    -- Historic Alexandria
    -- Library
    -- Recreation, Parks and Cultural Activities
    -- Other Recreation Activities
  • Public Works
    -- Transportation and Environmental Services
    -- Transit Subsidies
  • Education
    -- Alexandria City Public Schools
    -- Northern Virginia Community College
  • CIP Related Information
  • Community Profile
  • Glossary
  • Legislative References
    -- Relevant Budget Legislative References
    -- Ordinance 4291(BFAAC)
    -- Resolution 2303( Setting Guidance to FY 2010 Budget Preparation)
    -- Resolution 2256(Establishing the Processes to be Used to Plan and Adopt Operating Budgets and Capital Improvement Programs)
    -- Reduction in Force (RIF) Administrative Regulation 6-22
    -- Debt Ratio Policies
  • Appendices
    -- Compensation Philosophy
    -- General Salary Schedule
    -- Police Salary Schedule
    -- Sheriff Salary Schedule
    -- Fire Salary Schedule
    -- General Schedule Classification Plan
    -- Police Classification Plan
    -- Sheriff Classification Plan
    -- Fire Classification Plan
    -- FY 2010 City Holidays
    -- Managing for Results Initiative Overview

> Approved Capital Improvement Program (Complete)

  • Table of Contents
  • Overview
    -- The CIP Process
    -- Capital Budget Highlights
    -- Six-Year Program Highlights
    -- Six-Year Program Highlights
    -- Projects Not Funded
    -- Capital Funding Summary
    -- Best Management Practices
  • Strategic Plan
  • Summary Expenditure Tables
  • Summary Funding Tables
    -- Sources and Uses
    -- Debt Service Indicators
    -- Bond Repayment Schedules
  • ACPS
  • Community Development
    -- City-wide Amenities
    -- Neighborhood Planning
    -- Stream & Channel Maintenance
    -- Woodrow Wilson Bridge Project
  • Recreation and Parks
    -- Renovated or Expanded Facilities
    -- Recreation Facilities Improvements
    -- Park Improvements
    -- Open Space Acquisition & Development
  • Public Buildings
    -- Libraries
    -- Preservation of Historic Facilities
    -- Public Safety Facilities
    -- Public Health & Welfare Facilities
    -- Renovation and Reconstruction of Existing City Facilities

Budget Work Session Schedule

Date Time Topic Location Operating Departments Discussed
February 10
7:00 PM FY 2010 Proposed Budget Overview Presentation  City Hall, Council Chambers
February 11
6:30 PM Revenue and Additional FY 2009 Budget Reduction Options Work Session  City Hall, Sister Cities Conference Room, #1101
February 18
6:30 PM Personnel Compensation Budget Work Session  City Hall, Sister Cities Conference Room, #1101
February 23
6:30 PM CIP Budget Work Session  City Hall, Sister Cities Conference Room, #1101 CIP Project Managing Departments - Transportation & Environmental Services, Recreation, General Services, Planning and Zoning, Alexandria City Public Schools, Information Technology Services
March 3
6:30 PM Transportation & Environmental Services and Transit Issues and Final Council Review of FY 2009 Budget Reduction Options with Service Impacts Work Session  City Hall, Sister Cities Conference Room, #1101 Transportation & Environmental Services, Transit Subsidies
March 5
6:30 PM Social Safety Net Programs and Activities Budget Work Session  City Hall, Sister Cities Conference Room, #1101 Heath, Other Health, Human Services, Community Service Board, Alexandria Fund for Human Services, Housing, Mental Health, Mental Retardation and Substance Abuse

Wednesday March 11

6:30 PM Budget Public Hearing City Hall, Council Chambers
March 16
6:30 PM CIP Follow-Up Issues and Library, Recreation, Office of Historic Alexandria Budget Work Session  City Hall, Sister Cities Conference Room, #1101 CIP Project Managing Departments, Library, Recreation, Office of Historic Alexandria
March 23
7:30 PM Joint Work Session with Schools  Samuel Tucker Elementary School Alexandria City Public Schools

March 24

5:30 PM Fire Department Activities Work Session  City Hall, Council Work Room Fire Department
March 31
6:30 PM City Administration and Management Programs and Activities Budget Work Session  City Hall, Sister Cities Conference Room, #1101 General Government and Legislative & Executive Departments
April 6
6:00 PM BFAAC Budget Work Session, Public Safety, Administration of Justice, Other Economic Sustainability Programs and Activities Budget Work Session  City Hall, Sister Cities Conference Room, #1101 Fire, Police, Sheriff, 18th Circuit Court, Court Services Unit, Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court, 18th General District Court, Clerk of the Courts, Commonwealth's Attorney, Other Public Safety & Justice, Law Library, Registrar of Voters, Economic Development Activities, Planning and Zoning, Code Administration
April 13
4:00 PM Budget Public Hearing City Hall, Council Chambers
April 14
5:30 PM Alexandria Convention and Visitors Association (ACVA) and Alexandria Economic Development Partnership (AEDP) Work Session  City Hall, Council Work Room
April 14
7:00 PM Introduction of Tax Ordinances City Hall, Council Chambers
April 18
9:30 AM Public Hearing on effective tax rate increase City Hall, Council Chambers
April 20
6:30 PM Work Session on Preliminary Add/Delete List Review City Hall, Sister Cities Conference Room, #1101
April 27
6:00 PM Work Session on Finalization of Add/Delete List Review City Hall, Council Work Room
April 27
7:00 PM Budget and Tax Rate Adoption Special Council Meeting City Hall, Council Chambers

City Council Retreat

The Alexandria City Council held their annual retreat on Saturday, October 25, 2008 to discuss the City's economic outlook, Fiscal Year (FY) spending reduction plans, and priorities for the FY 2010 budget.