FY 2011 Budget Process

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As the City begins the FY 2011 budget process, it is important the material and information is available for the public.  This page will serve as the FY 2011 Budget page, and will be home to planning documents, key dates, and other pertinent information as we move through the FY 2011 budget. 

 FY 2011 Budget Process

Budget Calendar

All meetings will take place in City Hall, 301 King Street, unless indicated otherwise.

Date/Time/Location Topic Operating Departments Discussed Presentation Video
Tuesday, Feb. 16
5:30 PM - Council Chambers
FY 2011 Proposed Budget Overview Presentation    Presentation Video

Tuesday, Feb. 16
7:30 PM - Council Chambers

Revenue, Human Resources & Compensation Work Session - Part 1 Human Resources Revenues Presentation  Video

Saturday, Feb. 20
7:30 PM - Council Chambers

Revenue, Human Resources & Compensation Work Session - Part 2 Human Resources HR & Compensation Presentation  Video
Wednesday, Feb. 24
6:30 PM - Council Chambers
CIP Budget Work Session  CIP Project Managing Departments - Transportation & Environmental Services, Recreation, General Services, Planning and Zoning, Alexandria City Public Schools, Information Technology Services Presentation  Video
Monday, March 1
6:30 PM - Sister Cities Room 1101
Work Session: Public Safety Police, Fire, Sheriff, Other Public Safety & Justice. Presentation  Video
Wednesday, March 3
6:30 PM - Sister Cities Room 1101
Work Session: Health and Environment Health Department, Other Health Services, Environmental Services (in T&ES). Presentation  Video

Tuesday, March 9
5:00 PM - Council Work Room

Joint Work Session with ACVA, AEDP and SBDC ACVA, AEDP and SBDC  

Wednesday, March 10
4:00 PM - Council Chambers

Budget Public Hearing   Video
Saturday, March 13
9:30 AM - Council Chambers
Decide maximum possible property tax rate.     Video 
Monday, March 15
6:30 PM -  George Washington Middle School (Library)
Work Session: Education and Youth ACPS, Other Education Activities, Office on Woman, Police, Elements of Health, Human Services, Community Service Board, Alexandria Fund for Human Services, Recreation.


SB Joint City & Schools Work Session All Revised March 12 


Tuesday, March 23
7:00 PM - Council Chambers

Introduction of Tax Ordinances      

Wednesday, March 24
5:30 PM - Sister Cities Room 1101

Work Session: Caring Community Heath, Other Health, Human Services, Community Service Board, Elements of Health, Mental Retardation and Substance Abuse Presentation  Video
Monday, April 5
6:00 PM - Sister Cities Room 1101
Work Session: Transportation and Economic Development Transportation  and Environmental Services, Planning and Code. Development & Transportation Presentation  Video
Wednesday, April 14
5:30 PM - Sister Cities Conf. Room 1101
Work Session: Financial Sustainability and BFAAC BFAAC, General Government and Legislative & Executive Departments Financial Sustainability Presentation 

Video 1: BFAAC Presentation

Video 2: Financial Sustainability

Saturday, April 17
9:30 AM - Council Chambers
Public Hearing on effective tax rate increase    
Monday, April 26
6:30 PM - Sister Cities Room 1101
Work Session on Preliminary Add/Delete List Review     Video
Monday, May 3
5:30 PM - Council Work Room
Work Session on Finalization of Add/Delete List Review     Video
Monday, May 3
6:30 PM - Council Chambers
Budget and Tax Rate Adoption Special Council Meeting     Video

FY 2011 Budget Public Input

The City of Alexandria expects Fiscal Year (FY) 2011 to be another challenging year based on early economic forecasts. As the City begins the budget process, we would like your input regarding the FY 2011 Operating Budget and Capitol Improvement Program.

  • Online - Post your comments and read what others have to say.
  • Email - Submit your comments and input on the FY 2011 Budget via email.

FY 2011 Interactive Budget Model

FY 2011 Interactive Budget Assumptions Model
The model allows users to test the long-range effects of changes to revenue assumptions, expenditure assumptions, and real estate tax and assessment changes on the City's long-term financial situation.  This version of the model was developed in June 2010 and includes the revenue and expenditure numbers included in the Approved FY 2011 budget.

FY 2011 City Council Budget Retreat

The Alexandria City Council held their annual retreat on Saturday, November 7, 2009 to discuss the City's economic outlook, Fiscal Year (FY) spending reduction plans, and priorities for the FY 2011 budget.