Real Estate Taxpayer Receipt FY 2017

Real Estate Taxpayer Receipt FY 2017

Page updated on Jun 16, 2017 at 1:25 PM

The images below are examples using the average tax bills for FY 2017 and FY 2016. This tool provides insight and illustration on what services the City funds with the revenue received from your real estate tax bill. Use our interactive calculator to see a breakdown by Focus Area Team of what your real estate tax dollars fund.

FY 2017 Avg Tax Bill (updated - 3)

FY 2016 Avg Tax Bill

How are the amounts on the Taxpayer Receipt calculated?

Percentages on the Real Estate Taxpayer Receipt are based on the total expenditures funded by the General Fund, less non-tax revenue such as permits, fees, and fines.  The real estate tax contributes 59.3% of the revenue for the General Fund.  The Real Estate Taxpayer Receipt does not reflect contributions from personal property tax (car tax) and other local taxes such as sales and business license tax (26.1% of General Fund revenue), federal and state funding (8.3% of General Fund revenue), or other non-tax revenue (6.3% of General Fund of revenue).

For a comprehensive look at the budget, view the City of Alexandria Budget. If you have specific questions related to your individual tax bill, contact the Finance Department.