Department Structure and Services

Find out how the department is structured, and determine what services are provided by different units. Learn how these units work together to provide services related to development review, permits, inspections, code violations, and nuisance complaints.

Page updated on Feb 5, 2019 at 9:06 AM

New Construction Division 

The New Construction Division consists of four units responsible for building construction and site plan review, building construction inspections and fire protection systems, including system retesting.

Plan Review Division

The unit reviews all new or existing renovated and altered commercial and residential building construction documents for code compliance in accordance with the Virginia Construction Code or the Virginia Rehabilitation Code.  Multiple project specific review programs are available to assist customers: walk-through plan review, One-Stop-Shop plan review and the traditional plan review for projects that do not qualify for the other two review methods. Plans examiners are trained in the Virginia Construction Code relating to structural, non-structural (fire and life safety, means of egress, space requirements, materials use, accessibility), mechanical, plumbing, gas, fire protection and electrical disciplines.

Permit Center Division

The Permit Center is a multi-agency collaborative operation that includes staff from departments who process construction permits, certificates of occupancy, elevator certificates, fire prevention permits, maintenance and nuisance complaints; manages permit, inspection and violation records; and fulfills information and records requests.

New Construction Inspections Division

This unit inspects all regulated construction for minimum compliance with Virginia Construction Code.  Inspection disciplines include building (fire and life safety & structural), electrical, plumbing and mechanical. This Unit also includes Fire Protection Systems Inspection staff, who inspect new fire protection systems installations.

Maintenance Code Division

The Maintenance Code Division enforces provisions of the Virginia Maintenance Code along with City ordinances relating to rodent abatement, inoperable vehicles on private property, trash disposal and debris accumulations, after hours construction noise, tall grass/weeds and properties not maintained to the minimum requirements of the Virginia Maintenance Code. You can email to the Maintenance Code Team to file a complaint or after hours, weekends, and holidays you can call the 24-hour Nuisance Abatement Hotline at 703.836.0041. 

Administration Services

The Administrative Services Unit is responsible for the administrative functions of the department, including budgeting, information technology, and resource management. View the organizational chart and obtain a staff directory for Code Administration here.