Inspection Request System

ACCESS allows permit holders to use a touch tone phone to schedule, reschedule or cancel inspections, request inspection results.

Page updated on Apr 11, 2018 at 8:01 AM

The Department of Code Administration offers an automated phone system known as "ACCESS," which allows permit holders to use a touch tone phone to schedule, reschedule or cancel inspections, request inspection results, speak to Code Administration personnel or other reviewing city agencies or listen to recorded customer service messages. "ACCESS" is available seven days a week, 24 hours a day. To use the system, call 703.746.4555.

 You can check the Daily Inspection Viewer to learn about daily scheduled inspections and related updates. To schedule an inspection, call ACCESS-automated inspection schedule at 703.746.4555. When calling, please select the appropriate ACCESS Inspection Code for your requested inspection. If ACCESS is unavailable, please call 703.746.4200 for assistance during regular business hours.

***Note: ACCESS now has the following features!

  • Inspection results sent to any phone number
  • Inspection results by email

To obtain your most recent inspection results by one of the above methods, follow the prompts provided on the ACCESS system when you schedule the inspection.

When calling, you will be instructed to select one of the four options:

Press [1]     Schedule inspections

Press [2]     Cancel or reschedule and inspection

Press [3]    Obtain inspection results

Press [0]    Speak to Code Administration Permit Technician or other city agencies representatives

Press [#]    Listen to customer service recordings on:

  • Scheduling and/or
  • Permit Application Requirements
  • Plans Submission Requirements
  • When is a Permit required?
  • Contractor Licensing Information

When you choose option one, the system will ask you to enter the permit type by selecting the corresponding number for the type of permit:

  • Building .......... BLD press 1
  • Electrical ........ ELE press 2
  • Plumbing ........ PLM press 3
  • Mechanical ..... MEC press 4
  • Sign ............... SGN press 6

The system will then prompt you to enter the numeric portion of the permit number (ignore the dash) followed by the pound (#) key. "ACCESS" will repeat the permit number and address for confirmation.

"ACCESS" will automatically advise you if the permit is pending or if there are any fees, contractor or plan review holds that must be resolved before the permit may be issued. If there are plan review holds, you may choose to connect directly to the appropriate reviewing agency to discuss the hold actions.

If you wish to schedule, cancel or check inspection results for an issued permit,"ACCESS" will prompt you to choose from the following options:

  • to schedule an inspection, press 1
  • to cancel an inspections, press 2
  • to obtain inspection results, press 3.

Inspections cannot be scheduled if there are any holds or outstanding fees on the permit. Inspections may be scheduled up to seven days in advance.

  • Enter your 10 digit phone number, area code first.
  • Enter the date of the requested inspection.
  • Enter the 3 digit code for the type of inspection you wish to schedule. A code directory follows.

To cancel an inspection:

  • Enter your 10 digit phone number, area code first.
  • Enter the date of the inspection to be canceled.
  • Enter the 3 digit code for the type of inspection you wish to cancel.

To obtain inspection results:

  • Enter the date that the inspection was conducted.
  • Enter the 3 digit code for the type of inspection that you wish to know the results of. The system is only able to give you the results for the last inspection received for each inspection type.

Inspection Code Directory

Building (BLD)   Electrical (ELE)
Code Inspection Type   Code Inspection Type
105 Building Survey   220 Close In
110 Foundation Walls   110 Slab Concealment
100 Footing   120 Trench Concealment
130 Columns   130 Ceiling Concealment
160 Framing   215 Floor Concealment
320 Close-in/Concealment   140 Wall Concealment
325 Wall Concealment   180 Overhead to Underground
330 Ceiling Concealment   160 New Service
335 Floor Concealment   170 Service Upgrade
170 Insulation   190 Temp Service on Pole
120 Slab   230 Temporary Service
310 Stoop   225 Temp. Pending Final
150 Waterproofing/Backfill   150 Pool Bonding
345 Retaining Wall   200 Preventative Maintenance
180 Masonry   235 Sign Connection/Install
190 Fireplace Throat   300 FINAL
200 Fireplace Hearth      
210 Prefab Fireplace   Mechanical (MEC)
240 Fire Wall   Code Inspection Type
220 Shaft Wall   300 Close-in/Concealment
230 Structural Steel   110 Rough-in
250 Bond Beam   310 Gas Piping
260 Pool Foundation   320 1st Gas
270 Manuf. Building   330 2nd Gas
400 FINAL   170 Kitchen, Hood & Duct
      180 Hood Test
Plumbing (PLM)   190 Paint Booth
Code Inspection Type   220 Shafts
210 Close-in/Concealment   230 Fire Dampers
220 Ceiling Concealment   400 FINAL
215 Wall Concealment    
205 Flush Test   FPS Inspections Request Link
200 Pressure Test  
110 Water Service    
140 Water Repair    
225 Sewer and Water    
120 Sewer Line    
130 Sewer Repair    
150 Sewer Cap    
160 Groundwork    
170 Rough-in    
300 FINAL    
Sign (SGN)    
Code Inspection Type    
100 Footing    
210 FINAL    

"ACCESS" cannot be used to schedule inspection requests for Demolition Permits and Certificates of Occupancy. Please call 703.746.4200 to request these inspections.

Rotary phone users may still call 703-746-4200 during regular business hours, 8:00am - 5:00pm, Monday-Friday (except Holidays), for the same services available through "ACCESS".

Certificate of Occupancy

(Please allow 3 days for inspections from Zoning, T&ES and/or the Health Department)