Small Business & Residential Project Facilitation Office

In concert with The City’s guiding principles and strategic plan to provide citizens with more efficient and customer friendly services, The City now offers a new program dedicated towards assisting first time contractors, homeowners and small business owners throughout the entire permitting and inspection processes.

Page updated on Apr 7, 2016 at 2:33 PM

This program is designed to further enhances Alexandria’s quality development and robust local businesses by promoting a culture of service excellence.  Additionally, by also focusing on our residents, the team helps ensure home projects are efficiently, safely, and cost effectively constructed.  We look forward to working with You!

The Team's Mission 

  • Customer advocacy - guidance and assistance throughout the pre-permit, permit and inspection processes 
  • Single point of contact for all project stakeholders 
  • Assist navigating City construction permit related processes and requirements 
  • Timely project updates 
  • Tracks projects to ensure they are expeditiously processed and routed to the right City departments and technical review disciplines 
  • Facilitate interdepartmental coordination to help reduce potential obstacles and project issues 
  • Transparent permit processes and requirements

Office Contact & Location 

Typical Facilitation Projects 

  • Residential 1 & 2 Family Dwellings -Townhouses, Duplexes, Detached
    • New Construction 
    • Additions 
    • Alterations 
    • Certificate of Completions & Occupancies 
  •  Small Businesses   
    • Restaurants/Taverns/Bars 
    • Retail 
    • Office Suite Fit-outs 
    • Change of Occupancy 
    • Outdoor Dining Program 
    • Certificate of Occupancies 
    • Business License Process  


City Permit Center  

Department of Planning & Zoning 

Department of Transportation & Environmental Services 

Health Department 

Finance Department 

Alexandria Small Business Development Center  

Alexandria Economic Development Partnership 

Alexandria Convention & Visitors Association 

Alexandria Chamber of Commerce 


We Look Forward to Working with You!