Site Plan Review Unit

The Site Plan Review Unit works with Planning & Zoning, Transportation & Environmental Services and Parks & Recreation to ensure minimum emergency access and fire department connections are achieved for all new mid rise to high rise building developments.

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The Site Plan Unit is responsible for plan reviews to ensure emergency access; adequate fire hydrant locations; fire flows; fire department connections; fire lanes; ladder truck accessibility in mid-rise to high-rise buildings and handicap accessibility. In addition, the physical designs of the streets are examined for characteristics such as width, length and grade. The Site Plan Unit works closely with various City Departments to include  Planning and ZoningTransportation & Environmental Services, and  Recreation, Parks & Cultural Activities.

Cooper, Charles - Site Plan Review Project Facilitator

Hours of Operation:  Monday - Friday,  8 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

As the general welfare, health, safety and convenience of the community are directly affected by the development of land, it is in the direct interest of the public that site development be conceived, designed and developed in accordance with the Uniform Statewide Building Code, the Virginia Statewide Fire Prevention Code and the Code of the City of Alexandria.
The Site Plan Unit reviews the following projects:

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