Fire Protection Systems Inspections

Ensures effectiveness of fire protection systems by performing inspections and testing.

Page updated on Jul 2, 2019 at 7:45 AM

The FPS inspection team conducts inspections, testing, and system commissioning for all new, upgraded, and altered fire protection systems. These systems include fire sprinklers, fire pumps, standpipes, suppression systems, fire hydrants, fire alarms, detection, smoke control, and access control systems.

The Fire Protection Systems unit operates with three full-time FPS Inspectors.

If you have any questions or concerns please email the FPS inspection team at

Hours of Operation

  • New Systems inspectors are on duty weekdays from 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

New System Scheduling

  • Inspections may be scheduled by calling 703.746.4560. Please see bottom of page for call-in directions. 
  • Inspection & Test Procedures for New System Installations

The Department of Code Administration no longer performs retesting of existing fire protection systems. Retesting is now performed by the Fire Department. Please use the link below if you would like to schedule a retesting inspection.

To schedule an inspection, call ACCESS-automated inspection schedule at 703.746.4560. When calling, please select the appropriate ACCESS Inspection Code for your requested inspection. If ACCESS is unavailable, please call 703.746.4200 for assistance during regular business hours.

When calling, you will be instructed to select one of the four options:

Press [1]     Schedule inspections

Press [2]     Cancel or reschedule and inspection

Press [3]    Obtain inspection results

Press [0]    Speak to Code Administration Permit Technician or other city agencies representatives

Press [#]    Listen to customer service recordings on:

  • Scheduling and/or
  • Permit Application Requirements
  • Plans Submission Requirements
  • When is a Permit required?
  • Contractor Licensing Information

When you choose option one, the system will ask you to enter the permit type by selecting the corresponding number for the type of permit. You will 

Press [7] for FPS and follow the system prompts:

009 Survey042 Dry pipe valve 24 hr. air test074 Wet chemical final
010 Underground visual 044 Stand pipe hydro080 Dry chemical visual
012 Underground flush045 Stand pipe roof test082 Dry chemical pressure test
014 Underground hydro050 Fire pump visual090 Dry chemical final
016 Underground final052 Fire pump hydro092 Clean agent visual
020 Fire hydrant visual054 Fire pump flush094 Clean agent performance test
022 Fire hydrant flush056 Fire pump acceptance test096 Clean agent final
024 Fire hydrant hydro058 Fire pump final100 Smoke control performance test 
026 Fire hydrant flow060 Foam hydro102 Some control final
028 fire hydrant final062 Foam visual123 Access control final
030 Sprinkler hydro064 Foam final125 Fire alarm rough
032 Sprinkler visual066 Foam main drain test127 Fire alarm final
034 Sprinkler final067 Foam alarm test129 Fire alarm monitoring
036 Sprinkler main drain test068 foam discharge test170 Hood suppression test final
038 Sprinkler insulation visual070 Wet chemical visual200 Generator final
040 Dry pipe valve trip test072 Wet chemical performance test