New Construction Inspection Unit

Page updated on Aug 6, 2021 at 10:27 AM

**Inspections should be scheduled through the City's new land use management system customer service portal, APEX. Click on the icon below to get started.**

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Multiple project specific inspection programs are available to assist customers: Traditional, Third-party and Special-inspections.

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  • Hours of Operation:  Monday - Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Minimum Required Inspections (per USBC):  

  1. Inspection of footing excavations and reinforcement material (steel reinforcement) for concrete footings prior to placement of concrete
  2. Inspection of foundation systems during phases of construction necessary to assure compliance with the Virginia USBC
  3. Inspection of preparatory work prior to placement of concrete
  4. Inspection of structural members and fasteners prior to concealment
  5. Inspection of electrical, mechanical (HVAC) and plumbing materials, equipment and systems prior to concealment
  6. Inspection of energy conservation materials (insulation) prior to concealment
  7. Final inspection (once all work is complete)


  • The permit holder/property owner is responsible for requesting all required inspections
  • Each issued permit must receive an approved final inspection 
  • Third-party inspections are not permitted, unless approved by the building official prior to permit issuance
  • Photographs taken prior to concealing the work will not be an accepted alternative to the above required inspections

Scheduling and Obtaining Inspection Results 

The Department of Code Administration offers inspection scheduling through our new land use management system APEX

Procedures for a Successful Inspection 

1.  Verify your scheduled inspection

  • Daily Inspection Viewer  
  • Verify the inspection type and date scheduled
  • Name and phone number of the assigned inspector
  • Inspection results
  • Permit Tracker 
  • View permit history, including scheduled inspections
    Note:  this is not 'real-time' and some information may not be indicated 

2.  Coordinate scheduled inspection time-frames

3.  Provide the required minimum inspection documents at the project location:

  • Approved plans
  • Posted construction address
  • Posted permits  

Obtaining Inspection Results 

  • Use Daily Inspection Viewer to view completed inspection results
  • Login to APEX to obtain inspection results. If APEX is unavailable or you are having difficulty, please call 703.746.4200 for assistance during business hours. 

Third-Party Inspection Program  

Third-party inspections are those minimum inspections required by the USBC, Refer to Minimum Required Inspections (per USBC), but as an alternative to city inspectors conducted by an approved third-party inspector(s) acting as the building official's agent. Qualified third-party agent(s) must submit sufficient documentation, prior to permit issuance, demonstrating each inspector's competence and qualifications in each intended construction discipline. The building official reviews and approves agents on a discretionary basis.

Third Party Inspections Guidelines and Procedures

    Special Inspection Program 

    Special Inspections are inspections required by the current edition of the VCC, sec. 1704 "Special Inspections".  These inspections require special competence, qualifications and expertise in a specific construction discipline (examples: steel welded connections, post-tensioned concrete, approved proprietary systems). Prior to permit issuance, Qualified special inspector(s) must submit sufficient documentation (Statement of Special Inspections and Inspector(s) qualification resume(s), demonstrating each inspector's competence and qualifications in each intended construction or operation discipline. The building official reviews and approves agents on a discretionary basis.