Commonwealth's Attorney's Office Case Assignments

In the Alexandria Commonwealth's Attorney's Office, prosecutors specialize by the types of crime (for example; domestic assault, sexual assault, or burglary) the defendant is charged with. Some crime types such as larceny and traffic offenses are assigned in rotation.

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Bryan Porter, Commonwealth’s Attorney

Homicide, Crimes Against Administration of Justice,  Legal Opinions, Police Internal Affairs, Grand Jury, Expungement Petitions

Molly Sullivan, Chief Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney

OCA Administration, Major Crimes as assigned, Arson, Involuntary Commitment Appeals, Electronic Evidence Order/Warrant Supervisor

Team One - Special Victims Unit (SVU)

Cathryn Evans, Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney

SVU Supervisor; Major Crimes as assigned, Burglaries, IAD/Extradition matters, Sex Offender Registration, Electronic Evidence Order/Warrant Review

Jessica Smith, Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney

SVU cases as assigned, Assault on Law Enforcement Officer cases as assigned,  Law Enforcement Officer contact for Child Sexual Assault cases

Amanda Tassa, Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney

SVU cases as assigned , Felony Hit and Run, Law Enforcement Officer contact for Adult Sexual Assault and Child Abuse and Neglect cases

Sean Sherlock, Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney

Domestic Violence, Offenses by adults in JDR Court, Appeals thereof

Team Two - Violenct/Vice Crimes Unit (VCU)

David Lord, Senior Asst. Commonwealth’s Attorney

VCU Supervisor; Major Crimes as assigned, Robberies, Vehicular Manslaughter/Maiming, Crash Team Liaison, Electronic Evidence Order/Warrant Review

Patrick O'Brien, Senior Asst. Commonwealth's Attorney

Vice/Narcotics Liaison, Vice Narcotics cases, Drug Distribution, Firearms cases, VCU cases as assigned

Andrew Criado, Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney

VCU cases as assigned, Felony DUI, Felony Eluding, Law Enforcement contact for Malicious Wounding cases.

Joe Martin, Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney

Criminal Misdemeanors, VCU cases as assigned

Team Three—White Collar/Fraud Unit (WFU)

Angela Dougherty, Senior Asst. Commonwealth’s Attorney

WFU Supervisor, White Collar cases as assigned, Asset Forfeiture, Probation Violations, Electronic Evidence Order/Warrant Review

Erin Earp, Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney

White Collar cases as assigned, Gang Offenses, Assault on Police Officer cases as assigned

Audra O'Brien, Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney

Offenses by juveniles, appeals thereof