Commonwealth's Attorney's Office Case Assignments

In the Alexandria Commonwealth's Attorney's Office, prosecutors specialize by the types of crime (for example; domestic assault, sexual assault, or burglary) the defendant is charged with. Some crime types such as larceny and traffic offenses are assigned in rotation.

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Effective June 1, 2020

Bryan Porter, Commonwealth's Attorney
The Commonwealth’s Attorney manages an office comprised of prosecutors, victim-witness advocates, and support staff.  He prosecutes homicides and felonious crimes against the administration of justice. Other matters under his purview include legal opinions, police internal affairs, the grand jury, and expungements. 

Cathryn F. Evans, Chief Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney 
Mental Health Initiative Coordinator; Arson; Sex Offender Registration Offenses; Office of the Commonwealth's Attorney (OCA) Administration; rotation & team case assignments; Involuntary Commitment Appeals; Electronic Evidence Order/Warrant Review; Cold Case point of contact.

Special Victims Unit (SVU)

David A. Lord
, Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney 
Special Victims Unit Supervisor
Alexandria Treatment Court (ATC) Coordinator; White-Collar Crimes Liaison; Extraditions & Interstate Detainer Actions, Electronic Evidence Order/Warrant Review; Conviction Integrity Review point of contact.

Amanda B. Tassa, Sr. Asst. Commonwealth' s Attorney

Child Sexual Assault/Abuse; Electronic Evidence Order/Warrant Review.

Maana K. Parcham, Asst. Commonwealth' s Attorney
Adult Sexual Assault and Burglaries.

Meredith M. Burke, Asst. Commonwealth' s Attorney
Domestic Violence, appeals thereof; Recidivist DV Offenses & DV Strangulations.

Joseph A. Cahoon, Asst. Commonwealth' s Attorney 
Criminal Misdemeanors, appeal thereof.

Vacant Position

Violent Crimes Unit (VCU)

Jessica B. Smith, Supervisory Asst. Commonwealth's Attorney
Violent Crimes Unit Supervisor

Probation & Parole Violations Coordinator; Vehicular Manslaughter/Maiming (Crash Team Liaison); Out of State Witness Requests; Writs; Electronic Evidence Order/Warrant Review.


Erin L. Earp, Asst. Commonwealth' s Attorney
Robberies; Multi-Jurisdictional Grand Jury (MJGJ); Electronic Evidence Order/Warrant Review.

Robert Strange, Asst. Commonwealth' s Attorney
Vice/Narcotics Liaison; Multi-Jurisdictional Grand Jury (MJGJ); Electronic Evidence Order/Warrant Review; Asset Forfeiture.

Antwoine L. Coleman, Jr., Asst. Commonwealth' s Attorney
Felonies as assigned.

Harsh Voruganti, Asst. Commonwealth' s Attorney
Traffic Misdemeanors, appeal thereof.

Sehrangez I. Blackburn, Asst. Commonwealth' s Attorney
Offenses by Juveniles, appeals thereof.


Major Crimes are assigned at the pleasure of the Commonwealth’s Attorney; these are cases that, in the opinion of the Commonwealth's Attorney require—due to complexity, gravity, or public interest of issues presented—a specific level of experience or expertise.  All homicides are considered Major Crimes.  Major Crimes are assigned outside of team and rotation assignments at the discretion of the Commonwealth’s Attorney.

General rotation cases include:  Drug Possession, Assaults on Police, Felony Larcenies including Petit Felony Larceny—subsequent offense, Burglarious Tools, Destruction of Property/Vandalism, Eluding, DMV Fraud, Felony Driving While Intoxicated, Prescription Fraud, Hit & Run, Worthless Checks, and any other felony offense investigated by patrol and not otherwise designated.

SVU rotation cases include: Abductions, Animal Cruelty, Singular Possession of Child Pornography, Non-Domestic Strangulations, Perjury, and Offenses by Adults in J&DR. 

Temporarily in rotation through the SVU Supervisor:  White-Collar cases investigated by the Criminal Investigations Section (CIS) of the police department.  White-Collar Crimes include Embezzlement, Identity Theft/Fraud, Forgery & Uttering, False Pretenses, Welfare Fraud, and other related felonies investigated by CIS.

VCU rotation cases include: Patrol PWIDs, Patrol Robberies, Patrol Credit Card Theft/Fraud Crimes, Gang, Firearm Offenses, and Felonious Assaults. 

SVU/VCU rotation cases may be assigned to prosecutors outside of their assigned team at the discretion of the Chief Deputy. 

Issues or questions related to electronic evidence orders or search warrants should be directed to one of the assistants designated as “Electronic Evidence Order/Warrant Review.”  Once prepared, electronic evidence search warrants or orders should be emailed to Donald Harrison-Wright, who will ensure that they are assigned to the appropriate attorney for review.  Orders for financial records should likewise be emailed to Donald Harrison-Wright, who will ensure that they routed to the White-Collar Prosecutor.