FYI Alexandria - August 21, 2018

In the latest issue of FYI Alexandria, learn about a study that found City residents are relying less on their cars, get the details on the City’s switch to ParkMobile, read about a report detailing the contributions of immigrants in Alexandria, and read about a public art collaboration that received national recognition.

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Alexandria's Official Resident Newsletter • August 21, 2018

Economic Contributions of Immigrants in Alexandria

The City of Alexandria has released "New Americans in Alexandria," a report detailing the economic contributions of immigrants in Alexandria, the role they play in the local labor force, and their participation in recent population growth. The report reveals that given their income, immigrants contributed significantly to federal taxes ($262.4 million), and state and local taxes ($102.2 million), including property, sales, and excise taxes levied by state or municipal governments. As of 2016, more than 42,000 immigrants lived in Alexandria. Immigrants were most likely to have come from Ethiopia (16.4%), El Salvador (11.3%), Honduras (5.3%), and the Philippines (3.9%).

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City Switching to ParkMobile App for Pay-by-Phone

Starting September 1, the City of Alexandria will switch to the ParkMobile app for customers to pay by phone for metered parking. The same system is used in D.C., and Arlington, Montgomery, and Prince George's counties. Customers can use the app each time they park by choosing the zone number printed on parking signs and pay stations. Customers can choose the amount of time to purchase, up to the posted time limit for the parking location. If a customer removes the vehicle before the selected amount of time expires, the parking session may be stopped early and only the time used will be charged. This feature is currently only available for ParkMobile users in Alexandria and Montgomery County.  

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Study Shows City Residents Relying Less on Car Trips

Alexandria residents are relying less on car trips and making shorter trips for commuting, according to a new study. The total number of weekday vehicle miles traveled (VMT) in Alexandria dropped 12.5 percent between 2010 and 2016 – the largest decrease of any jurisdiction in the Washington metropolitan area. The National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board's most recent travel trends study found VMT is increasing around the country, remaining relatively flat in the Washington area, but decreasing in Alexandria, even as the city's population grows. In addition, the most recent American Community Survey data showed that Alexandria residents are engaging in behaviors that are reducing commuting trips, including increased rates of telework and transit ridership. Although VMT produced by Alexandrians is down significantly, interjurisdictional traffic will continue to be a challenge for Alexandria's Transportation network.

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Public Art Program Honored by Americans for the Arts

The nonprofit Americans for the Arts honored two of Alexandria's public art projects among 49 outstanding public art projects created in 2017. The two projects, "Centennial of the Everyday," by Lauren Adams and Stewart Watson and "The Finest Amenities," by Sheldon Scott, were part of the City's "Time & Place: Gadsby's Tavern" program. The project was a collaboration between the artists, the Office of the Arts, and the Office of Historic Alexandria.

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Save the Date -- T&ES Open House, September 8

Curious about the department that collects trash and recycling, plans streets, and drives the City's environmental sustainability efforts? Learn more at the Department of Transportation & Environmental Services (T&ES) Open House on Saturday, September 8, from 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., at 2900 Business Center Drive. Climb in one of the City's trucks, take a tour of the traffic center, play games and more at this free, family-friendly event!

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City Continues to Implement Vision Zero Action Plan

The City adopted Vision Zero with the goal of eliminating all traffic deaths and serious injuries by 2028. Vision Zero is a multidisciplinary, multi-national traffic safety concept that aims to achieve a transportation system with no deaths and serious injuries. The Vision Zero Action Plan outlines how the City will achieve Vision Zero and highlights the City's commitment to providing safe streets for all users.

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