Check a Permit

Page updated on Mar 12, 2018 at 11:16 AM
Motorcoach Parking Permit with number highlighted 

Use this form to check the validity of one of the following types of permits: 

  • Residential Guest Parking Permit 
  • District 12 Guest/Visitor Parking Pass 
  • Motorcoach Parking Permit 
  • Code Administration Permit (types BLD, DEM, ELE, FPR, FPS and MEC) 

Each permit has a permit number displayed at the top, as highlighted in the sample image on the left. Enter the number you see, including any dashes, in the field below, and click the button. If the report tells you that a parking permit is not found, has been canceled, or is for a different date, time, or location than on the printed permit, please contact the Alexandria Police non-emergency line at 703.838.4444.

What is that barcode for?

These permits also feature Quick Response (QR) codes, which can be used to check individual permits. Simply scan the code with your smartphone, and you'll get a URL to visit to check the permit. Most QR code scanners will offer to open the URL for you, so all you need do is tap a few buttons on your phone or mobile device. Popular free software for scanning QR codes includes NeoReader for iPhone, BlackBerry Messenger, Android Barcode Scanner, and UpCode for Windows Mobile. Note: the City of Alexandria does not endorse any specific software for scanning QR codes.