Cleanup and Refuse Collection After Hurricane Sandy

Page updated on Dec 28, 2017 at 8:57 AM

Storm Debris Cleanup & Removal

The City is relaxing some of its normal requirements for removal of tree debris on private property until Tuesday, November 13. City crews will be collecting tree debris from the curb and public rights-of-way over the next week. If you remove tree debris on your property, place them on the curb in pieces that you can safely handle, even if you have alley collection. If a professional tree removal contractor is hired, they are required to remove all debris from the site.

The city reminds residents to stay away from tree limbs that may be leaning on power lines and to steer clear of downed wires; to report these, call Dominion Virginia Power at 1.866.DOM.HELP (1.866.366.4357).

City residents may also drop off debris at the Covanta Energy-from-Waste Facility located at 5301 Eisenhower Avenue, 703.370.7722, Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m., or Saturdays from 6 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Fallen or Damaged Trees Information

  • What happens with public trees that fall onto private property? Trees located on public property or in the public rights of way are the responsibility of the City. If a public tree or limbs from public trees fall onto private property, the City will remove the tree and dispose of all debris.
  • What about private trees that fall onto public property? Trees located on private property that fall into public rights of way or onto public property will be cut back to the property line by the City. The property owner is responsible for the removal and disposal of all material remaining on private property.
  • What about private trees that fall onto private property? When a private tree falls onto private property the private property owners are responsible for the removal and disposal of all associated debris. If a tree from your neighbor’s property falls on your property, it is recommended that you document any damage, and contact your homeowner’s insurance provider for recommendations and guidance before you commit to paying for the cleanup.

    Please call the Department of Code Administration at 703.746.3066 about trees or large limbs that have fallen on buildings, including private trees falling on private buildings.

Refuse & Recycling Collection

City refuse and recycling services (not leaf collection) will resume on Wednesday, October 31 with a delayed schedule.

  • If your collection is normally on Monday, it will now occur on Wednesday, October 31.
  • If your collection is normally on Tuesday, it will now occur on Thursday, November 1.
  • If your collection is normally on Wednesday, it will now occur on Friday, November 2.
  • If your collection is normally on Thursday, it will now occur on Saturday, November 3.

Leaf Collection

All leaf collection services will resume Monday, November 5. Due to severe weather and heavy rains, the City asks that residents not rake wet leaves into the street for collection until next week. Instead, residents should bag leaves for collection. Bags will be collected at the front curb, one business day after your regular refuse collection day.

Loose Leaf Collection Updates

Residents may use our online Leaf Zone Finder to determine which zone they live in.

  • Residents in Zone 2 should rake out on November 3, for pickup on November 5.
  • Residents in Zone 3 should rake out on November 6, for pickup on November 8. 
  • Residents in Zone 4 should rake out on November 12, for pickup on November 14. 
  • Residents in Zone 1 should rake out on November 17, for pickup on November 19.