Frequently Asked Questions About Extended Parking Meter Hours

Frequently asked questions about extended parking meter hours.

Page updated on Nov 2, 2015 at 2:25 PM

What is happening on July 1, 2014?

Starting July 1, all parking meters in Carlyle and Old Town will be enforced until 9 p.m. and payment will be required for parking in Carlyle on Saturdays.  

Why is the City expanding meter hours?

Extending meter hours until 9 p.m. will create turnover in on-street spaces. Turnover of on-street metered parking is essential, in order to provide parking for customers and patrons, and to increase the number of different vehicles using a particular parking space throughout the day.

What are parking meter rates?

The rate at multi-space meters is $1.75 per hour, and the rate at single-space meters is $1.25 per hour. 

How many hours can I stay parked in a metered space? 

All on-street meters are restricted to two hours of parking.

What if I want to park for longer than two hours?

If you want to park for longer than two hours, you can park at an off-street parking facility or parking garage. 

How can I pay for parking in the city?

There are two ways to pay for parking: 

  • Pay at a multi-space meter (kiosk).
  • Pay by phone using the Pango Parking smartphone app, or by calling toll-free 855.547.2646.  Parkers can register their credit card and license plate information to create an account.  Each time a customer parks, the app or phone number is used to start parking by entering the zone number found on signs along each metered block.  

When will police begin enforcing the extended hours?

A grace period will start on July 1, 2014. Enforcement will begin on July 14, 2014.

Will residential parking permit holders have to pay for on-street parking?

Yes, all residents and visitors have to pay to park at metered on-street parking spaces. 

How do the extended meter hours impact handicapped parking?

Extending meter hours will not impact handicapped parking. Handicapped parking is free for up to four hours at single and multi-space meters. In addition, individuals with a handicapped license plate and/or handicapped hangtag could park more than twice the restricted time posted on signs in time restricted parking zones.