Alexandria's Strategic Plan

The City’s Strategic Plan is a tool to guide the City and community toward a future we collectively envision for our city. City staff and officials consider the Strategic Plan when developing, implementing or reviewing programs and services, and in considering requests for fiscal resources. This page provides information about current and past strategic planning efforts.

Page updated on Jun 30, 2016 at 2:22 PM

Learn about the planning process for the FY 2017-2022 Strategic Plan and how you can get involved.

Imagine the year 2022 in Alexandria. Imagine how you work, how you play, how you experience your community. How do you get around? Where do you spend your time? What has changed? What has stayed the same? The City of Alexandria needs your help to create our next strategic plan. 

What's New?

  • Progress update to City Council, June 30 (Video)
  • Summer (Dates to be determined): The next phase of the Strategic Planning process will involve a series of community engagement opportunities throughout the city. Staff will be available at these times to introduce the next AlexEngage activity and answer any questions from the community. The topic will focus on prioritizing goals specific to each draft Strategic Plan theme developed earlier in the process.
  • AlexEngage: On Saturday, April 9, a public meeting was held to develop draft statements for each of the Strategic Plan themes based on feedback provided by the community at previous meetings and online. From April 15 - May 9, the community was invited to provide additional input on the draft statements by visiting AlexEngage.

Community Participation

The FY 2017-2022 City Strategic Plan is an opportunity for City Council to work with members of the community to establish the City’s strategic direction and priorities for the coming years. Throughout this planning process, the community will have several opportunities to participate and provide feedback in-person and online. Staff has developed a Civic Engagement Schedule and Civic Engagement Framework, which follows the goals and strategies outlined in the What's Next Alexandria Civic Engagement Handbook

Previous Meeting Materials and Information


In the fall of 2015, City Council approved the general outline for a proposed spring 2016 process to draft an updated City Strategic Plan. The current Alexandria City Strategic Plan was intended to be in effect until 2015. The new Plan will use community input as the foundation to define the results of community values; communicate a clear direction to the public and City Government; include measures and targets to more easily track progress, share success, and identify and solve problems; set a six-year plan from FY 2017-2022 with a mid-point check-in/refinement in FY 2019; and align with the City’s performance management system, Results Alexandria. The draft City Strategic Plan will be considered for adoption by City Council in the fall of 2016. 

Key Project Documents and Reference Materials

Previous 2004-2015 Strategic Planning Process

Alexandria's Strategic Plan for 2004-2015 was adopted by City Council in 2004, and amended in 2006. It was replaced by the updated Strategic Plan approved in June 2010.

The links below provide meeting and materials information for the 2004-2015 Strategic Planning process:

  • Goal 1: Alexandria has quality development and redevelopment, support for local businesses and a strong, diverse and growing local economy.
  • Goal 2: Alexandria respects, protects and enhances the health of its citizens and the quality of its natural environment.
  • Goal 3: A multimodal transportation network that supports sustainable land use and provides internal mobility and regional connectivity for Alexandrians.
  • Goal 4: Alexandria is a community that supports and enhances the well-being, success and achievement of children, youth and families.
  • Goal 5: Alexandria is financially sustainable, efficient, community oriented and values its employees.
  • Goal 6: The City protects the safety and security of its residents, businesses, employees and visitors.
  • Goal 7: Alexandria is a caring and inclusive community that values its rich diversity, history and culture, and promotes affordability.


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