AMP Programs

The Alexandria Mentoring Partnership represents over ten different programs.

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Our mentoring programs vary in structure, though the standard minimum requirements for mentors include an application, criminal background check, and the ability to commit for at least one hour, once a week, for one year.

Mentoring takes many forms:

  • one-to-one mentoring or group mentoring
  • on-site or community-based mentoring
  • academic or activity based mentoring
  • elementary, middle school, or high school mentoring

At the heart of all the AMP programs lies a common belief that mentoring positively impacts youth development, and that every child in the city of Alexandria who needs a mentor should have one.

Information about each of our programs is below.  Click on the titles to visit their websites, or learn more from the AMP Flyer

BRYCE Project

Bright Resilient Youth Committed to Enrichment 
Develops bright, resilient youth committed to enrichment by bridging cultural gaps, encouraging healthy peer relationships, fostering post high school development, and improving the community though group mentoring. Serves high-school girls at Charles Barrett Rec Center. 

Casa Chirilagua

Focuses on using the power of relational bridge building to holistically transform communities. A Christian non-profit based in the Latino neighborhood of Chirilagua/Arlandria which boosts confidence in academic skills and improves students’ well-being.  Serves 1st to 8th graders.

Community Lodgings

Offers group mentoring in a safe, supportive, creative, and fun environment where students learn life skills, conflict resolution, and boundary-setting. Serves middle school students on Monday evenings for 1.5 hours at one of the Community Lodgings sites. 

Ratcliff Thomas Foundation: United Village Mentoring Program

Advocates one-on-one mentors as big brother figures and advisers, who will participate in engaging Community Based Educational Instruction (CBEI) and field trips.  Serves ages 10-17 in the community.

SOHO - Space Of Her Own

Helps girls avoid delinquency, live healthfully, communicate openly, make good decisions, progress academically, and give back to others. Through one-on-one mentoring in a group setting, and visual arts, carpentry, and life skills classes, youth transform their bedrooms and build bright futures. Serves 5th grade girls on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 5:30-8:00 and provides ongoing support throughout the middle school years. 

The Untouchables

Focuses on developing male youth into successful men who live healthy and productive lives by encouraging members to strive for excellence and to make a positive impact in the lives of those around them using group mentoring. Serves 2nd to 12th graders, at Charles Houston Recreation Center and field trips, on Thursdays from 4:30 to 5:30 pm and the occasional weekend.

Wright to Read

Provides volunteer-based one-on-one sustained literacy tutoring & mentoring relationships, and collaborates with families, schools and community partners to create a comprehensive support network that guides each child to success. Serves 1st to 5th graders (mentors keep cases beyond), meets at local libraries, for 1 hour a week, either after school, evening or weekend.

Affiliate Adult Mentoring Programs 

Higher Achievement

Presents a rigorous year-round learning environment, caring role models, and a culture of high expectations through group mentoring/teaching, resulting in college-bound scholars with the character, confidence, and skills to succeed.  Serves 5th to 8th graders on weekday evenings at Francis Hammond Middle School.


Reach And Rise for Excellence 
Targets “at promise” children by seeking to increase student achievement levels.  Group mentoring promotes mathematics and technology tools and incorporates areas not part of the standard school curriculum. Serves grades 6-8 at Francis Hammond Middle School from 3:30 to 5:00 pm Monday through Thursday. Mentors attend one afternoon a week for one-to-one tutoring and mentoring.

Affiliate Adult Mentoring Programs

Alexandria Seaport Foundation

Guides disadvantaged youths through a paid, work-based apprentice program serving DC, Maryland and Virginia.  Apprentices develop the discipline, self confidence, career and social skills necessary to find a meaningful place in the workforce. Serves ages 18-22.

Friends of Guesthouse

Assists women in transitioning to life after imprisonment through mentoring, skills development, career advice, safe housing, and other programs.   

Ready to Volunteer?

If you are interested in volunteering with one of the Alexandria Mentoring Partnership's partner programs, please submit a Mentor Interest Form. Submitting this form will send a referral request to the Partnership program of your choice. Once you have submitted the form, the program will contact you and provide more details on the program structure, time commitment, and background check/interview process.

For more information, contact the Alexandria Mentoring Partnership Coordinator at 703.746.4455 or