Join the AMP

Learn how to become a part of the Alexandria Mentoring Partnership.

Page updated on Apr 24, 2018 at 10:02 AM

Interested in being a part of the AMP?

All groups (religious, community, or independent) in Alexandria that are currently offering mentoring services for youth or are planning to start a mentoring program are encouraged to join the partnership.

Our collaboration works to support member organizations in maximizing mentor recruitment, screening, and training in order to ensure quality mentoring for all of Alexandria's youth. We are always seeking opportunities to engage both established programs and newer, start-up organizations. You are cordially invited to join us and:

  • Have access to local, state, and national support
  • Receive referrals of mentors
  • Participate in the AMP annual recruitment and support events for current and potential mentors

Since 2006, we have recruited over 1000 new mentors for our programs! Please email the Alexandria Mentoring Partnership Coordinator at or call 703-746-4455 for more information on how to join the AMP.