Crime Prevention Programs

Research indicates that providing services, skills and knowledge to youth determined to be at-risk for juvenile delinquency can reduce the rates of youth who become involved in the court system. Alexandria’s Court Service Unit offers several crime prevention programs to educate and support youth in need.

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Case Management and Life Skills Program

The Case Management and Life Skills Program provides extra support and guidance to low and moderate risk youth referred from Intake and Probation. Program case workers provide one-on-one individualized lessons to youth to increase aptitude in areas including the following: social and communication skills, emotional skills, conflict resolution, coping skills, self-care, planning and goal-setting, career and vocational preparation, and skills to succeed in school. Youth and/or their families may be linked to services based on identified needs including mental health, employment, medical health, recreational programs, tutoring, mentoring, substance abuse treatment, and any other services deemed appropriate. The goal of the Case Management and Life Skills Program is to prevent future delinquency and help youth reach their potential.

Shoplifting Prevention Program

The Shoplifting Prevention Program targets youth with first-time petit larceny charges and educates participants about the consequences of shoplifting. Program components are a 6-hour offense-specific home study kit that includes audio lessons and a workbook and a 5 1/2 hour group session at the Alexandria Police Department that includes a locally produced shoplifting prevention video. The curriculum includes personal storytelling, alternatives to delinquent behavior, practicing problem-solving skills, education on shoplifting laws and graduated consequences, group discussion and apologies to the victims of theft. Youth under the age of 13 work one-on-one with a case manager to complete the program and do not attend the Saturday class.  The majority of the class curriculum is based on the YES Youth Educational Shoplifting Program. To view the City of Alexandria-produced Shoplifting Prevention Video, click here.

Space of Her Own

Space of Her Own (SOHO) is a creative art-based mentoring program for girls in the 5th grade. There are currently two programs in Alexandria: Old Town and Del Ray. Space of Her Own helps transform the lives of program participants by pairing them with local professional women for a yearlong structured mentoring program. Using art as the catalyst, SOHO is designed to teach girls to value creativity, live healthy lives, communicate openly, and give back to others. SOHO meets once per week during the school year from the hours of 5:30pm-8:00pm. Girls and their mentors enjoy dinner together followed by a creative arts project, which can range from designing mirror mosaics to completing a photography exhibit to building their own lap desk. At the end of the year, the projects are used for a room renovation.

In the end, SOHO not only provides girls with a personalized creative study space, but also empowers them with the confidence to succeed as a lifelong member of the SOHO Sisterhood club. For more information, please visit

Space of His Own

Space of His Own (SOHO) is a brother program to the creative arts program Space of Her Own. Like its sister program, Space of His Own mentors and youth meet weekly in a group setting to enjoy dinner together and work on an arts-based or carpentry project. The focus for Space of His Own is to build practical and life skills while encouraging strong bonds amongst program participants. Mentors and mentees construct a chest, participate in clay-making, build shelves, and much more. Mentors and mentees also participate in a series of team-building exercises to help develop the SOHO community. At the culmination of the year, mentors pair up to renovate each boy's bedroom or space using all of the projects that they've built together throughout the year. For more information, please visit