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West End Wellness Center (WEWC)

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The WEWC was established by the Alexandria Community Services Board in 1985 to offer psychosocial rehabilitation for City residents with mental illness.

Wellness Center Philosophy

The Wellness Center philosophy embraces Mental Health Recovery as a journey of healing and transformation.  Regardless of the nature or severity of one’s psychiatric condition and/or co-occurring disorders of mental illness and substance use, each individual is able to contribute to the success of the community through his or her talents and skills.  We believe that all members have the opportunity to learn, grow and recover through participation in curriculum based courses and/or training opportunities offered.  The Wellness Center supports and teaches healthy lifestyle habits that can help individuals live a more satisfying, productive, happy life.    

Wellness Center Purpose

The purpose of the WEWC is to assist individuals in achieving personal, social, and vocational competency, while promoting mental health recovery and physical wellness. WEWC enhances opportunities for community integration through skills training, peer support, education, recreation, and vocational readiness. Members who participate in the Wellness Center strengthen their natural support networks and transition into the broader community. 

Services Available to Members

Psychosocial Rehabilitation is provided in the form of skill building classes that use a variety of approaches and interventions to promote recovery and provide successful community integration experiences.  Classes are offered in eight week sessions which operate five days per week. Members of the Wellness Center are provided with a selection of educational courses and are given the opportunity to choose classes based on their personal goals and interests.  Individualized and peer supports are also used to maximize self-sufficiency. 

To visit the West End Wellness Center, please call 703.746.3456.

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