Safety, Protection and Legal Services

Information about safety, protection and legal services.

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Safety, Protection and Legal Services
Safety, Protection, Legal

Adult Protective Services 

Adult Protective Services (APS), investigates reports of adult abuse, neglect or exploitation and can arrange a wide variety of health, housing, social, and legal services to stop the abuse and prevent further mistreatment.

Call our intake line to make a confidential report:
Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. 703.746.5778
After hours and weekends call the toll-free State Hotline 1.888.832.3858

To maintain confidentiality and to protect yours and the residents personal information, please DO NOT EMAIL REPORTS. Thank you.

What APS Reporters Need To Know

5 Things Everyone Can Do To Prevent Elder Abuse

CST, Your Link to Life (Emergency Response System)

CST, Your Link to Life, provides an emergency help button that assists clients in a medical emergency or who need assistance for other reasons. The help button is lightweight, waterproof and can be worn as either a pendant or on a wristband.  For assistance, simply press the help button to speak directly through the base unit with an operator in the Response Center. The base unit allows for hands-free, two-way communication.  If the caller is unable to speak to the operator, help is sent.  In emergencies, the operator contacts the appropriate medical personnel and shares the information provided in the subscriber profile.  The operator will then contact the people who the subscriber requested be notified when signing up. If hospitalized, CST, Your Link to Life can notify the contacts to request that they check on the home, feed pets, pick up mail etc. They will always follow up after an emergency to check on status.

Individuals may qualify for this free service if they are residents of the City of Alexandria, have an income of less than $1,610.00/month (150% of federal poverty level), are age 60 or older and/or they are permanently disabled.  Units are compatible with a home telephone or cellular phone, may be used in the community and have fall detection. There may be a waiting list to be subsidized. If you don't qualify for the free service private pay rates are available. To apply, call 703.746.5999.

Ombudsman Program

The  Northern Virginia Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program  serves as the patient advocate for individuals living in nursing homes or assisted living facilities. To request services call the Intake Line 703.324.5861.

TRIAD / SALT Council

TRIAD / SALT Council is a three-way partnership between the Sheriff’s Office, the Police Department and senior service agencies and seniors in the City.  The goal of TRIAD is to reduce criminal victimization of the elderly and to enhance the delivery of law enforcement service to older persons.  For more information, call 703.746.5017. 

Project Lifesaver

Project Lifesaver is an innovative program aiding families living with Alzheimer’s disease, autism and other related disorders that may cause family members to wander.  Project Lifesaver bracelets emit a tracking signal that can be tracked by a receiver on the ground or in the air.  For more information, call 703.746.5151.  

Legal Services

Legal Service of Northern Virginia provides legal counsel in many areas, but not in criminal or traffic matters.  They offer counsel in areas such as Medicare and Medicaid, long term care contracts, social security, debt collection, wills, powers of attorney and other areas.  For individuals age 60 or older counsel may be provided at no charge.  For more information, contact the Alexandria office at 703.684.5566 or visit the website.

The Alexandria Bar Association has been serving the community for over 80 years.   Services include the Alexandria Lawyer Referral Service for discounted legal services.  For more information, call 703.548.1106


             Drugwatch provides information about dangerous prescription drugs and medical devices.