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Older Adult Clinical Services
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The Older Adult Clinical Team provides comprehensive mental health services to City of Alexandria residents over age 60* in a manner that promotes quality of life and preserves independence.  The team meets older adults where they are, at home and in other community settings, to provide intensive mental health services.  Services include consultation and assessment, individual and family therapy, mental health case management, outreach, community education and support to caregivers.


The individual must present with symptoms of a mental health need or need for mental health evaluation and be age 60 or older, (unless functionally geriatric), and reside in the City of Alexandria.

Referrals to the Older Adult Clinical Team contact Intake at 703.746.3535.   In case of a Mental Health Emergency call 703.746.3400 and ask to speak to Emergency Services (24 hours).  Persons or family members with a question or concern about an older adult that may need assistance or assessment, call 703.746.3573 or 703.746.5999.

Functionally Geriatric

Functionally geriatric individuals will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Functionally geriatric refers to persons who are biologically not age 60 or over, but present with the following:

  • The comorbidity of chronic conditions, and /or geriatric syndromes and the frailty of older adults combined with reduced adaptivity that affects the capacity to perform "individual activities of daily living" or "activities of daily living". 

Common geriatric syndromes include: frailty, failure to thrive, osteopenia, sarcopenia, falls and gait disturbance, incontinence, cognitive impairment and chronic depression.

Predictors of successful aging are (1) avoiding disease and disability, (2) maintaining physical and mental function and (3) continued engagement with other persons in productive activities.

For further information about Older Adult Clinical Services, call 703.746.3533.