Reentry Council

Page updated on Jan 14, 2016 at 10:05 AM

Reentry Council

The Reentry Council is comprised of State of Virginia, City of Alexandria and community agencies and organizations that work together to assist those returning from incarceration in becoming contributing members of society, thereby helping to keep communities safe and saving taxpayer dollars through reduced recidivism. The Reentry Council aims to remove barriers to successful reentry, so that motivated individuals can attain jobs, secure housing and support their children and families.


All previously incarcerated individuals returning home to Alexandria will be supported by their community and provided opportunities o engage in services and pro-social activities that encourage healthy life choices and personal accountability, offering hope for their future.


The Reentry Council seeks to build a stronger and safer Alexandria by developing community partnerships, raising public awareness and offering effective and integrated services to residents returning home from incarceration.

For more information about the Reentry Council, contact Co-chair Lisa Stapleton, Chief Probation & Parole Officer, Virginia Department of Corrections, Alexandria District at